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Chemistry Overview

The greatness of Chemistry dating site is that you get to know your potential match on a deep personal level – well enough that a first date feels like meeting for at least the second time. With an eye towards promoting lasting relationships, helps generate fun during the get-to-know-you stage. Laying the groundwork before meeting appeals to many mature daters, thanks to its purposefulness and efficiency.

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Chemistry Features

Chemistry dating stands out from other successful dating sites for seniors by including features that are designed to move couples offline and into real life. Moreover, those features are grounded in the science regarding personality compatibility, thanks to the research of Dr. Helen Fisher, the site’s scientific advisor.

  • Personality Test and Profile: Fun and revealing questions that provide you with insight about yourself and who is right for you.
  • Personalized Introductions: Suggestions by the staff at the Chemistry date site for matches with the potential for real chemistry, based on factors that include personality type.
  • Fun Activities: Online games and other options to help you get to know your match in a lighthearted setting.

Chemistry Safety

Chemistry dating is a secure endeavor. Because is a closed community, profiles can only be viewed by other members, which should appease any concerns that the senior dater may have about posting a profile online. Nevertheless, always take some general precautions, and trusting your personal discretion and common sense are always warranted.

Chemistry Sign Up

As with other vibrant, mature, online dating communities, becoming a member of is a simple process. The initial registration consists of filling in fields with basic information, including age and ZIP code for targeted matches. Registration proceeds through several such basic screens. Where Chemistry dating gets interesting is after the initial registration, when the personality test begins.

This Chemistry dating review cannot present all of the questions, of course, but you are asked about personality traits, personal tastes and interests, and some basic attributes, like hair and eye color. You’ll find that many questions have a range of responses (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree), recognizing that people are often more complicated than a straight yes or no. New questions appear seamlessly as soon as you’ve selected your answer to the previous question. The aggregate of all of your answers are then used to align you with potential matches.

Once your profile is completed, the team reviews it and within approximately 24 hours, you should receive match suggestions.

Chemistry Prices

Chemistry dating can be free – establishing a profile costs nothing but a few minutes. Many of the site’s features are available only with paid membership, however:

  • Email.
  • View photos.
  • View/listen to voice notes.
  • Flirt using the site’s games.
  • See who is taking an interest in your profile.
  • Discover insights about your own personality from Dr. Helen Fisher, Chemistry’s scientific advisor.
  • Receive suggestions for potential matches every day.

Subscription packages are as follows (prices do not include local sales tax):

Best Value Plan
$12.99* 6 months Total: $77.94

Anyone you message can reply for free, no matter the level of his or her membership.

Top Seller Plan
$21.66* 3 months Total: $64.98

Basic Plan
$34.99* 1 month Total: $34.99

Ease of Use

As soon as members enter the basic information that allows them to create profiles, the ease of Chemistry dating becomes apparent. The straightforward, understandable questions of the personality test and its smooth interface are representative of the site. Suggested matches, messaging possibilities and so on, are all self-explanatory in their accessibility.

Chemistry The Search

By creating professionally designed, scientifically sound personality profiles, seniors can rest assured that the matches provided for them by Chemistry have the potential for real compatibility. Given that people have busy lives, this feature is particularly useful in helping determine which potential matches deserve your attention and get-to-know-you efforts.

When your matches arrive each day, they are characterized by the main personality trait emerging from the personality test (as are you, for them). Personalities include: Director, Negotiator, Builder, Explorer, and more.

Why Chemistry Is Suitable for Senior Daters

With years of experience on the personal and professional fronts, seniors know who they are, what they like, and where they’d like to be going. The personality test, its assessment and the compatible matches that are provided as a result of the test all speak to that kind of maturity. By suggesting matches who are likely to be a good fit, seniors are able to save time in the online part of their search for a relationship and move to meeting in real life that much sooner. Of course, this is Chemistry’s goal – to help people achieve relationships in real life – making the site particularly well matched to its senior members.

Chemistry Bottom Line

Chemistry dating is based on the predictive powers of its personality test for “chemistry" and personal compatibility. The site maintains a commitment to helping people get to know each other in fun ways that use the online experience to pave the way for real-life relationships. That dynamic should particularly appeal to seniors, as it recognizes both that serious people do not have time to waste, and they are the best ones to determine who is right for them. The suggested matches are designed to be a means towards that end.

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