Seniors & Sex: There’s No Expiration Date

No expiration date for senior sex

By Top10BestDatingSites Staff 

Online dating studies of sex and senior daters indicate that eight million seniors are dating online, and most want to be in a relationship that includes sex. In many ways senior sex is more pleasurable now than when we were younger, when piston pounding was how most couples coupled. It can be a sweet, slow waltz now that lasts pretty much as long as a couple desires. Senior sex is typically more emotionally focused, and since there’s no expiration date on sex, it can play an active role in senior relationships indefinitely. But while senior sex can be amazingly good it isn’t without issues. The following tips will help senior daters resolve them.

No Expiration Date

The use it or lose it argument is worth considering if you’re a senior who is not sexual. Breaking sexual inertia requires more effort than continuing to be sexual. But few senior daters want to become sexual without a strong emotional component. I definitely don’t advocate for sex too early in a relationship because it brings the entire getting to know you process to a screeching halt. Sex easily overwhelms a relationship if there’s no emotional connection.

No Rockets

The issues related to becoming sexual too soon become quickly obvious. Relationship problems can’t be resolved because there’s no emotional foundation to enable their resolution. The partners are virtually strangers in terms of not knowing each other on a deeper level. These are the sexual rocket ride relationships I caution online dating seniors to avoid. A couple that allows a relationship to develop until both partners feel long-term potential exists will enjoy a sweet, meaningful sexual connection that will bring them closer together.

An essential step to avoid this is to make sure to sign up for the Of course it is important to right online dating site that meets your demands.

Sexual Problems

According to the Center For Disease Control the senior STD rate is skyrocketing, which is unnecessary. Safe sex isn’t optional in new relationships. Use condoms, get tested, or don’t have sex, period. Never take someone’s word about sexual health. And we have other sexual issues to deal with too. Online dating studies for senior daters indicate that ED for men and painful intercourse for women are common problems. In addition to the physical issues there’s a gender disagreement regarding when sex is appropriate in new relationships. I realize it’s a lot for a senior dater to ponder, but ignoring sexual issues can have disastrous effects.

Let’s talk about senior sex

Sex Isn’t Only Intercourse

Senior sex can take a myriad of forms, and there’s no such thing as standard sexual behavior that fits every senior couple. Sure, intercourse is sexual, but so is kissing, massaging, and extended foreplay. Senior dating and relationship experts acknowledge the importance of sex as a part of healthy relationships. And while sex may be different for seniors with medical issues, it can still play an important role in their relationships.

The physical benefits for seniors who remain sexual are well documented. Sex releases endorphins, which creates physical feelings of euphoria. It’s also beneficial to cardiovascular health. The point of senior dating is to meet someone special and create a successful relationship that includes sex, a good reason single seniors should consider online dating.

The Dynamic Duo

For seniors in particular the emotional/physical sexual connection is critical for great sex, and while we spend much of our lives thinking, we also inhabit our bodies. And it’s the combination of the two that creates healthy sexual relationships. The physical and emotional sexual issues senior men and women experience aren’t necessarily identical, which is why sexual dialogue is critical in relationships. Seniors who engage in this conversation can affect positive changes in their sexual relationship. A recent online dating study offers suggestions for improving the quality of senior sex. The emotional aspect of sex offers satisfaction that approximates the physical. The powerful emotions that are a part of loving sex create a unique feeling of wellbeing.


Johns Hopkins Medicine claims there are 30 million men in the U.S. suffering with ED issues, but in no way does this preclude men with ED from being sexual. Millions of senior men have benefitted from available prescription meds. But there’s more involved in getting and maintaining an erection than a pill alone offers. The deeper the emotional connection the better a man’s sexual performance, and senior men who can connect their hearts with their libidos don’t necessarily require meds. This connection is challenging for men who have effectively ignored it, but it’s a learnable technique that’s more than worth the effort.

Sexual Pain

The sexual issues for women are different but also problematic. There are prescription estrogen rings that make intercourse less painful, and when combined with over the counter lubricants can make sex more enjoyable. For senior men and women alike nothing works better, in terms of arousal than extended foreplay, which is thoroughly enjoyable, and has no physical limitations. While many seniors skipped foreplay when they were younger and it wasn’t so important in terms of becoming aroused, it creates a powerful physical/emotional connection that’s too good to rush. And every senior can engage in pleasurable, extended foreplay no matter his or her age.

The Gold Standard

A relationship that embodies a strong emotional connection is the gold standard for senior sex. It’s the glue that holds the sexual aspect of a relationship together. The euphoric afterglow from sex is the frosting on the cake, and that blissful feeling creates a desire for more.

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