Interesting Senior Dating Facts & Statistics

What do all the senior dating statistics say about online dating? You may find some individuals discourage online dating for seniors, but it’s important for you to take statistical data with a grain of salt. Not all seniors who date online have poor experiences.

It’s a good idea to use senior dating statistics as you move forward in your online dating journey. Some statistical information can help you choose which senior dating site is right for you. Stats can also give you insight to the right methods of online dating, and just how successful it can be for you.

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Senior Dating Statistics – Tips

Online dating can be a mystery to some senior daters—especially if they’re not familiar with how online dating works. Do you send out mass emails to all the single seniors you see? Or, do you just kick back and wait for someone to contact you? Either method can fail if you don’t have the right tips and tricks to use.

When you first reach out to someone, you don’t want to go deeply into your past or talk about every little detail of your life. Of course, your history is very important, but each little detail isn’t necessary on the first date. Take it in moderation and let the relationship grow slowly. Rushing into it will only turn your date off.

Senior Dating Statistics – Q&A

If you want to impress other senior singles with your online dating profile, you need to know how to dress it up appropriately. Leaving many of your profile boxes empty make you appear lazy and insincere. You never want to convey this to other senior singles while dating online.

And, you don’t want to just toss your passions or hobbies into your profile plainly. Our Q&A section can help you fix them up. Discuss what you like about them the most. Provide details on how you’d share them with someone special.

Senior Dating Statistics – Coaching

In real life, you wouldn’t say disrespectful or rude things to other senior singles, right? So, you definitely don’t want to do that online. With some dating coaching, such as the coaching we provide in our free resources, we detail the best way to behave while dating online, and eventually when you get your first in-person date.

First, don’t point out the obvious such as stating that women are equal now. It comes across as derogatory even if you meant it as a joke. Secondly, don’t be rude online. Just because the other person doesn’t know who you are, doesn’t mean you can say ugly things. You’re a mature adult, so remember your manners and behave like one.