Love at Over 50: Dating Advice for Seniors

You’ve probably heard all the dating over 50 advice from all your friends and family. Do they tell you it’s impossible to find love online? Maybe they say that online dating doesn’t work for seniors. But, that’s not the case at all! Online dating can work wonders for seniors, and there are plenty of online dating sites that specifically cater to daters over 50s or older.

Our senior advice articles and guides cover everything from scams to second date guidelines. It’s easy to fail in online dating—especially when you don’t have the right information. That’s why we’ve put together all the necessary information for you to be successful and happy in your online dating experience.


Top Dating Sites for Men Over 50

Dating in your 50s and beyond— often after a divorce, or the loss of a spouse—may call for an upgrade in your strategy game. A great place to start is with online dating sites, which have been rising in popularity for men over 50.

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The Definitive Guide to Senior Online Dating Profiles

Mature singles are the fastest growing demographic in the online dating world. This means that those aged 50+ have more choice than any other age group and are more likely to find love online. Seniors are more tech savvy than ever before, and can rely on their computers and handheld devices just as much as the younger generation do.

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15 Keys to Successful Senior Dating Online

/ By Ken Solin

Online dating is enormously successful for seniors, but success requires diligence and an appropriate level of dedication to the process. Your ideal life partner is out there looking for you too, and it’s online dating that can make your worlds collide.

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Why Senior Women Make Better Girlfriends

/ By Ken Solin

I listen closely when men are talking about the perils of dating women over 50, and I feel heartened when I hear positive comments. But more often than not, I hear one man warning another not to...

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Tips For Jumping Back Into The Dating Scene

/ By Ken Solin

Trying to approach dating after a long hiatus is daunting to just about anyone. There is understandable fear surrounding public exposure and judgment. And often, when approaching dating online, there’s often...

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Supporting a Partner in a Crisis

/ By Ken Solin

Webster’s defines crisis as “a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention.” I experienced a difficult situation when my partner Sarah’s best friend died less than a year into our relationship.

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Best Dating Sites for Seniors

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  • 10 Ways Seniors Can Beat Loneliness

    Whether or not the majority of seniors are lonely is no longer a question. Surveys indicate as many as 65% of seniors report they’re lonely or feel isolated. This is a Western worldwide phenomenon, and...

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  • Can Seniors Embrace Online Dating?

    The short answer to this question is yes, of course, but there’s much more about senior online dating that warrants discussion. A disclaimer is appropriate since I met my partner online three years...

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  • Emotional Honesty, How Much And How Soon?

    The Rift I wrote an article a while ago about why men need to be emotionally honest with women. It garnered more than 2,100 comments overnight, a rock star number that reflected the heat of the topic...

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  • Don't Text While Dating!

    Thankfully I never had a first, second, or even third date with a woman who texted while we were together. But I’ve heard a sufficient number of stories about men and women who don’t think texting...

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How to Avoid Dating Scams for Seniors

Seniors are often the target of financial and identity scams. That’s why it is important to learn the tips on how to identify the warning signs that the person on the other side of that computer my not be who you think. Guard your heart, and your finances, with our sites guide to help you see behind scammers and fraudulent individuals that lurk on online senior dating sites.

Dating Tips for Seniors

Getting back into the dating game would make anybody a little nervous. Our senior dating expert provides you with the top dating tips you need to know to get back out there. Click to read strategies for dating the right way online as a senior.

2nd' Date Advice for Over 50's

Not sure if the second date will be better than the first? Unsure if you are even ready for a second date. Get helpful advice for the over 50 dater, on what to do after the first date.

Astrology Compatibility Guide for Over 50 Dating

Dating over 50 doesn't need to be harder than it already is. Whether you're jumping back into the dating scene for the second or third time, or you're simply holding out for Mr. or Ms. Right, you should want to make dating as easy as possible. And you might be surprised to know just how much astrology plays into that dating journey and compatibility finding. Think about it, if you don't have a clue whether or not you are compatible with someone, is that person worth your time? Lucky, we have some tips and advice to help you figure it out.