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Overview of

It is no surprise that is constantly at the forefront of online dating. With millions of members all over the world and success stories everywhere you turn, has proven over and over again, that they can help you find love. While their platform is not lesbian only, the excellent profile feature allows you to search for local single lesbians with your likes and interests, and are clearly dedicated to making it easy and fun for all singles to seek out and find their perfect match.


Signing Up with’s intuitive profile matching service is based on a unique questionnaire, which you will be prompted to complete when you sign up. If you skip any of the questions you will be able to complete them later, but to answer in detail may take some time, so make sure you do not feel rushed. The questions are split into two sections, those that describe yourself, your looks, your interests and your personality, and those which detail what you are looking for in a woman. Some questions will need nothing more than a check against a few bullet points, where others invite you to use your imagination and written skills to make the best of yourself.

The profile process may feel lengthy, but remember that the more detail and honesty you can provide, the more likely the website will be able to suggest the right kind of partner for you. 

Online Dating and Matchmaking Features:

Once signed up to, you will be able to email other users by clicking a button, see when they have read them and replied to you, and establish whether you have a connection via match’s completely secure email system. Gravitate to instant messaging when you feel the time is right.

Apart from these functions, makes an effort to stand out in the world of online dating with some really intuitive and unique functionalities. Their easy-to-use search tools guarantee great results by using maths and science to find you a compatible woman. Use Reverse Match to view what kind of women are looking for someone with your profile, to better help you hone what is effectively your online personal ad, and then look at Mutual Match to see compatibility suggestions. SingledOut matches are sent daily to your inbox, so that your busy lifestyle does not stop you from signing in and finding love. Daily Matches are tailor made to your likes and hobbies. The unique Deal Breaker function means that you can flag up absolute turn-offs so that when they appear in a profile, you will never see those users.

Stir Events are paired with, and are an excellent way to meet new people, either from online contact or as singles events in their own right. Pricing:

While will never terminate your free membership, you will not be able to contact people unless you sign up for a subscription package. These are competitively priced and lower depending on how long you commit for. The bundle packages come with the best functionality and can be bought for 3 month, ($26.99) 6 month, ($23.99) or 12 month ($20.99) contracts. The 6-month contract comes with a tempting Match guarantee that gives you another 6 months free of charge if you have not met the woman of your dreams!

Basic plans are also available with limited functionality, which start at $19.99 for a 12 month contract.

Safety: makes your safety their top priority. With extensive guidelines on protecting both your identity and personal information online and of course yourself when meeting offline, you can find all the information you need directly from the website itself. Your privacy being key, all communication via the website is done entirely anonymously until you are ready to give out your name and other personal information.

Bottom Line for Online Dating:

Looking for your ideal woman online has never been easier than with With thousands of singles in your local area, the site utilizes cutting edge technology to give you a fun environment with the best chance of meeting likeminded women near you.


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