HowAboutWe Review for Lesbians

HowAboutWe Overview

For lesbian singles who are eager to meet someone now, HowAboutWe is a revolution in online dating. The entire approach of the site is unlike perhaps any other dating platform. Rather than provide a shopping list of characteristics in order to match people, HowAboutWe strives for a more natural approach. The huge range of HowAboutWe site features really encourage people to meet each other in the real world, rather than pursue an entirely ‘virtual’ relationship. This is a site which is incredibly well thought out, impressively designed and delivers real results.

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HowAboutWe Features

Quite frankly, you can take your pick from any number of great features. Most strikingly, you will find that unlike other top dating sites such as Zoosk, matchmaking at HowAboutYou is based not on an exhaustive list of requirements but rather your actual personality and interests, starting with your perfect date. In addition to this novel approach, the “Play" tab is a portal to finding someone via Speed Dates or the suggested Daily Dates.

Another fantastic tool is the “Tonight" feature which promises to find you a date in your area for this evening. There is no messing about, just get out and date! And if you want to browse the options, the “Date Near You" tool allows you to view which lesbian singles are available in your neighborhood. Throw in an extensive blog with specific posts on lesbian dating and you will start to see that there is plenty to say in a HowAboutWe lesbian review!

HowAboutWe Sign Up

On the one hand, you will find many of the same requirements as you would at any online dating site. You will need to submit your location, age, e-mail address, etc. Crucially though, you will also be asked to describe yourself, your views and your desires way beyond the technicalities of a few drop-down boxes. And the key to the site’s success is the more information you submit, the better the chance of finding great matches. So, it is well worth the small time investment to fill in the “About You" and “A Few More Basics" sections and the short descriptive questions on diverse subjects such as what you would do if you won the lottery? The sign up process is interactive, yet it remains relatively quick and efficient too.

In addition, like, you can synchronize your account on sign up with your social media account, providing further information about you and therefore increasing the chance of a suitable match.

HowAboutWe Safety

For a start, HowAboutWe uses SSL encryption, which means that any transaction is carried out well away from prying eyes. There is also a firewall for added security. Meanwhile, you are able to flag suspicious users to site administrators and there is also a useful page of safety tips for online and offline dating.

HowAboutWe Prices

You can become a free member, which allows you to browse the site. However, you can only check your inbox and really interact with other users if you become a paid member. And there are two categories. Basic membership costs $15.99 monthly for a 3-month package, $12.99 per month for 6 months and just $9.99 monthly for a one year agreement. Meanwhile, premium members enjoy extra benefits, such as the ability to browse anonymously. This package costs $21.99 each month for a 3-month deal, $17.99 monthly for 6 months and just $13.99 per month for a whole year.

HowAboutWe Ease of Use

This is certainly a different type of dating site, but the design and layout remain incredibly easy to use. You will find that you have easy access to pretty much everything you need. You can glance at who has contacted you and other important updates. Meanwhile, you are just a click away from the “Play" tab, your own profile and those of so many others.

The most important factor to remember, is that the more activity you contribute to the site, the easier it will become to find someone. And you need not miss any of the action thanks to the excellent mobile app.

HowAboutWe The Search

You can of course conduct a HowAboutWe search, which is similar to most dating sites. You can look for someone using a vast range of criteria including physical features, education, religion, etc. You can also search via keyword, which is especially useful.

However, if you want the site to do the work for you, then you can also wait for your “Daily Dates" and simply indicate that you are “intrigued" or move on to the next profile. In addition, you will periodically be matched with suggested “recommended" or “trending" users. Of course, the more information you submit when you sign up and create your profile, the more accurate the suggested matches will be.

Why HowAboutWe is suitable for Lesbian Daters

This is not a website dedicated for lesbian and gay users, like Compatible Partners for example. Nonetheless, there is every reason for lesbian singles to use HowAboutWe. The very first piece of information you will be asked is your gender and what gender you are looking for. Meanwhile, the “Date Near You" feature allows you to view the lesbian singles in your neighborhood. And because the site’s success is somewhat dependent on the information you share, the more details about your identity the better.

HowAboutWe Bottom Line

There is only one possible conclusion to this HowAboutWe lesbian review. This is a great opportunity for lesbian singles to find someone special. The site offers a whole different take on online dating and is well worth investigating. It is also packed with features and represents great value for money.

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