Review for Lesbians Overview is an excellent platform for lesbian singles to find someone special, especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship. This is one of the oldest and remains one of the best dating sites out there, with a huge number of users. And it is easy to see why is so popular, with plenty of features and resources available at the click of a button. Most importantly though, it utilizes a unique matching system, using a secret and yet successful algorithm. As a result, finding quality lesbian dates should not be a problem. All of this in one easy to use and value for money platform.

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There is plenty to keep you busy at For a start, getting in touch with other users is made simple with plenty of options offered. In addition to the standard e-mail, instant chat and flirt features, you can also make an impression with audio and video messaging. Importantly, you will find some of the most active chat rooms at, providing an excellent way to meet people. Meanwhile, the webzine includes all kinds of useful features, including tips on creating a winning profile, etc. There is also some content tailored for lesbian users. However, as any review will tell you, the most important feature is the secret matching algorithm, which takes into account the information you submit and then works its magic! Sign Up

It may take you longer to sign up to than to many other dating websites, but it is well worth the effort. The truth is that the more you put into the site, the better the service you will receive. doesn’t use the kind of behavioral matchmaking you find at Zoosk, but the answers you give during the sign up process are crucial to your success. And the very first question you will be expected to answer is your gender and the gender you wish to meet. This massively helps make a lesbian dating site, as it means that you will only be matched with lesbian users and every subsequent detail is merely a further step towards pinpointing your ideal partner. In essence, the rest of the process consists of a series of drop-down options covering your physical appearance, lifestyle and background. You will need to then repeat the process in relation to your ideal match. Safety pledges not to share your information with third parties, which should give you ample confidence to use the site freely. In addition, you will find a useful list of tips for both online and offline dating which are well worth reviewing to ensure a safe dating experience. Meanwhile, each user must use a captcha to sign up, ensuring only genuine users join. Prices

You can become a free member, create a profile and browse. However, if you receive a message, you can only reply if you are a paid member. So if you really want to use, you will need to pay a fee. For a single month, this costs $34.95. However, the monthly fee for a 3-month package is $23.32, a generous $16.66 for a 6-month deal and a top value $11.99 if you sign for a whole year. Ease of Use

This is a no frills site, which means that it includes everything you need without making things complicated. The personal dashboard is laid out to ensure that you have direct access to your inbox, potential matches, your profile and much more. Meanwhile, the “Matches" tab conveniently provides you with a constant flow of potentially suitable matches. The free toolbar installation is worth downloading as it keeps you signed in and active, regardless of whatever else you are doing online. It is one reason why you won’t miss any of the action. The mobile app also keeps you bang up to date. The Search

There are an estimated 8 million users, putting on a par with and other popular dating sites for sheer numbers. As a result, there should be no shortage of lesbian dates. If you are more laid back about your search, then you can wait for the site itself to periodically send you suggested matches, or you can regularly check the “Matches" tab. However, if you prefer to be more hands on, then there are two levels to the search feature. The basic search allows you to get a broad idea of the possibilities, as you can search via age and other basic criteria. However, if you want to be more specific, then the advanced search allows you to find someone based on a massive range of criteria, from physical features to background.

Why is suitable for Lesbian Daters

While might not be a dedicated site for lesbian singles like CompatiblePartners, it nonetheless provides an excellent platform to meet the woman of your dreams. Although it is suitable for finding anything from a fun date to a lifetime commitment, the site is focused on serious, long-term dating. The fact that the first item you encounter when you sign up is to declare that you are looking for a lesbian partner says it all. Bottom Line

Founded all the way back in 1997, every review will rightly tell you that this remains a dating site well worth using. It has a basic, self-explanatory feel to it, represents good value for money and most importantly, it has a unique matching system which seems to work really well!



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