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FindMeLove Overview

If you are looking for a simple, crisp and efficient online dating experience, then this might just be it. And although this isn’t a dedicated gay dating site like, with more than one million members at FindMeLove, there are plenty of gay singles to meet. Everything is designed with simple user functionality in mind and so there are plenty of methods of communication coupled with an excellent choice of features and resources to make your dating experience as hassle free as possible. also allows you to really drill down the kind of match you are looking for thanks to an exhaustive search function. And price-wise, it represents very good value for money.


FindMeLove Features

There is more than enough to keep you happy, busy and engaged. Getting in touch with other users is made easy, thanks to a wealth of options, including private mail, instant chat and the ever-convenient ‘wink.’ Another useful tool to finding someone, is the “hot" or “cold" rating feature for profile photos, which is quick, easy and hard to find elsewhere. Meanwhile, if you are looking for dating tips and ideas, then the Knowledgebase is a wonderful resource. Once you have found some suitable matches, you can use the contact books and management tools to help organize your love life. In other words, the FindMeLove dating site has the process covered from A-Z.

FindMeLove Safety

For a start, FindMeLove won’t sell your personal details to third parties. In addition, there is tight internal security in member areas, so you know that information is safely contained on the site. Most importantly perhaps, if you would prefer not to be in contact with any of the other users, you can block them from your activity.

FindMeLove Sign Up

Crucially for any gay review, the very first question you will be asked on the initial sign up page, is what gender partner you are looking for. It means that the site is fully equipped to find local gay men or women, with every subsequent question merely helping you specify more carefully what you are looking for. The entire process takes very little time and you should be searching for dates in no time. All you need provide is an e-mail address, password and username, plus your date of birth and location. That really is it! You are then free to populate your profile at your leisure. This includes a brief personal description, which is another great opportunity to describe exactly who you are and the kind of match you want.

FindMeLove Ease of Use

Simplicity is the name of the game at Everything you need is easily accessible from the dashboard, including your inbox and your profile. In addition, the side bar offers an at-a-glance look at who has made your profile a favorite, plus your own contacts. All of this is presented in a simple and aesthetically pleasing format. And if you feel that you need to keep in touch with potential matches at all times, there is a mobile service available which will send you an SMS each time you receive a message on the site.

FindMeLove The Search

If you want to take the hands-off approach, you can simply click “Like" on the profiles that interest you and start to make a connection. However, if you want to be more targeted in your approach, there are two find me love search options. You can use the slider bar on the right of the page to specify age range and location in order to get a large pool of general potential matches. Or, if you want to find matches with specific attributes, then all you need do is click on the “Search" tab to reveal 5 drop-down tabs which specify a massive range of options regarding physical appearance, character, tastes and habits. This is not the scientific approach of, but it is a highly targeted and effective system.

FindMeLove Prices

Free members can have a good browse around the site and create a profile. It’s a great way to get a feel for the site. However, you can only initiate contact with other members if you decide to pay. Membership for just a month will cost $34.95. A 3-month package will set you back $74.82 while a 1-year deal costs $155.40. However, it is well worth noting that FindMeLove dating site offers a unique money-back offer if your account is active and you don’t find a suitable match within 3 months.

Why FindMeLove is suitable for Gay Daters

While this is not a dating site exclusively for gay singles, it is nonetheless a very effective platform. Like [Match review] for example, there is a high number of users and a system which has been crafted to ensure you can find what you are looking for. All you need to do is specify at the very beginning that you are looking for a same-gender partner and you should find plenty of suitable matches. The profile enables you to express exactly who you are, while the impressive search function means you can pinpoint the type of partner you are looking for.

FindMeLove Bottom Line

FindMeLove is a well-organized, engaging and attractive dating platform. There are plenty of features and resources at your disposal and the multi-month prices are generous. The conclusion to this gay review is to give it a try. You won’t be sorry.



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