Coaching Dating Tips for Christians

You don’t have to go it alone when you’re starting out with Christian online dating. Having a Christian dating coach at your fingertips is the best option for you. But, how do you find such a dating coach? The answer is not by hiring someone to help you.

We have articles and guides that provide you with all the Christian dating coach information you need on your Christian dating journey. From finding the right dating site to getting that first date, we guide you with every step. Only Christians who aren’t serious about online dating won’t find the love they want.

Best Dating Sites for Christians

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Christian Dating Advice – Q&A

Find more of your answers to Christian online dating with our useful Q&A section. We have articles that answer the most commonly asked questions for online dating. And, there are questions that you may not even know are useful to your dating experience.

You’ll find the best topics to discuss while dating as a Christian single. Conversation can be tough to figure out, especially when you’re new to dating. You may be wondering the best topics to talk about that will improve the date. Hobbies are a great way to open up the conversation, and then moving onto personal goals and values helps move the conversation along.

Christian Dating Advice – Stats

The use of statistics often help people make decisions, even with online dating for Christians. You’d be amazed by the number of Christians that date online. And, even more than that, thousands of people meet and marry as a result from using online dating.

The statistics page has information about how Christian dating sites are bringing single Christian men and women everywhere together. It’s a sweeter way of meeting and you don’t have to go through all the complications or embarrassing in-person rejections that you would if you dated strictly in real life. Plus, your world is opened to new possibilities than just looking in your local town.

Christian Dating Advice – After the First Date

Having issues with what to do after the first date? Our senior dating coach Ken Solin provides plenty of information about what to do after the first date and how to succeed that other consecutive dates that will follow.

He is adept at online dating because he has experienced much of the online dating world. Many of the guides and articles he provides have come directly from his own personal experiences. If the thought of the second date, or even your first date worry you, then you need to take a look at Ken’s articles. You can learn much of what you’ll expect from online dating with his advice.