How to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

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One word – SPECIFICS

This one word is going to help you create an all–star, standout profile.

So, when you're describing yourself or an activity that you like to do, you want to be very specific in the words that you use. Why? Because the person who's going to read your profile can see the specific hiking trail or country that you visited or activity that you like to do and they can really connect and identify with you and be like, "O yea, I totally love that TV show!" or "I love that hiking trail. I just completed that trek last week." It really is all about making it easier for people to relate to you, and the more specific you get about yourself, the higher are the chances that the right person will be interested in you based on your common interests.

Think about it, there are just too many profiles out there that are completely forgettable. Nobody will remember you if you simply write, "I like nature" or "I like to travel", no one will relate to that really. The more focused, detailed specifics you add to your dating profile, the better your chances are to stand out from the rest. There is a huge difference between writing "I like pizza" and "I am obsessed with the mushroom and artichoke pizza from Sal's Pizza on First Street (or wherever you love to eat)."

When a potential match is reading two profiles and one is very general and the other one is specific, which one is he/she going to remember? Obviously the one that talks about that delicious pizza place on First Street!

Make Yourself Memorable

The more specific you are, the more people can really learn about your character, your personality and get a feel for what you like to do. Remember, it’s a dating site so people can’t tell just yet how fascinating a conversation with you might be over a glass of wine. So you have to describe yourself in a very detailed way to create that complete picture of who you are and why you’re so interesting.

So, what are you going to change today to make your profile more specific?



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