The Do's And Don'ts Of Picking A Username

How to pick a great username

By Erika Ettin

Online dating usernames… there’s good, there’s bad, and there’s ugly.

Many people think of an online dating username as an afterthought, or a throwaway, but it’s actually more important than you might think. When someone sees your profile, he or she sees two things first: your first picture and your username. Think of the username as more of an executive summary instead.


Here are a few easy pointers for improving your username:



1. Be Creative!

Steer clear of using your first name, a string of numbers, or your initials and some numbers. Can we say boring? This type of username is sometimes considered lazy or uncreative. And that’s the last thing you want potential partners to think of you.

2. Spice Up Your Name

Think of a few things that really describe you and string them together. Use mine – SassyScotchLover, BlueEyedBiker, iHeartCheese, SkierFromAspen.

A study by the Queen Mary University of London showed that men are more attracted to screen names that indicate physical attractiveness (eg, Blondie, Cutie), whereas women are more attracted to screen names that indicate intelligence (eg, Cultured).

3. Short and sweet is A-Okay! allows 16 characters. Sites like JDate truncate to fit the screen. Keep it short but descriptive.

4. Change it if you don’t like it

Your username isn’t set in stone. You can change it as often as you like, just like your profile. So go for it.

The best usernames are the ones that generate a question or a comment or even make you giggle. Now’s the moment of truth. Go back to your username, and if it isn’t eye-catching enough, it’s time to make a change.

Remember, it’s all about creating a synergy. You might have a great profile picture but if you don’t have a great username you might make a bad first impression. Just follow my tips and you will meet your first match before you know it.

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