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If you thought online dating was just for the girls, boy are you wrong. I'm Gina Stewart, from Expert Online Dating, here with Top10BestDating sites to give you fellas advice on Online Dating.

First Impression:

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so your primary picture better how to Hi, this is Gina from Expert Online Dating for Top 10 Best Dating Sites dot com. My message today, is for you fellas and we're talking about that primary picture and ways that you're gonna look your most handsome.

First of all, you want to think about wearing those sunglasses and hats. They tend to hide your face so women can't tell what you look like. Ditch them! Next, you're going to want to think about that photo quality. No blurry pictures. No crop jobs that cut off parts of your face and body. You're also going to want to think about lighting. If it's too dark, it's going to shadow your face and women won't be able to make out your handsome features. You're also not going to want to take any pictures that are too far away because you're going to have to remember you're going to be the size of a thumbnail and lined up against a bunch of other guys and she won't be able to tell what you look like.

Finally, if you're going to brave that bathroom selfie, please make sure you have a clean bathroom. There's no woman on Earth who has listed a dirty bathroom as one of the things she finds attractive about a guy.

Again, this is Gina for Top 10 Best Dating Sites, your online dating coach.



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