How can you make opposites attract?

Opposites attract

by Top10BestDatingSites Staff

Opposites attract. But it can take work (which isn’t a bad thing) to keep that attraction going.

In fact, opposites attract by nature. Often times when a poisonous plant or animal is found in a certain region, the antidote to their poison can be found naturally occurring nearby. Funny thing is, your relationship counterpart can be found the same way, which makes it infinitely more important to keep an open mind in the dating world.

You compliment each other

What initially pulls you in to your opposite is a feeling of admiration, being inspired by them, finding their differences interesting, and enjoying the balance that you bring to each other’s lives. You might be artsy and they have a mind for business, and that excites you! You admire and can learn from them, you are inspired to be a bit more business-oriented, and you inspire them to tap into their creative side. Or maybe you’re an introvert and he is a tried and true extrovert - which sometimes you really like, as he gets you out of your box and you generally have a great time when you venture with him to parties and networking events.

Try to understand them

One of the biggest ways to connect when you don't necessarily have a lot in common, is to make a concerted effort to understand them. Don’t just listen, but take it one step further and try to arrange the puzzle pieces with a little deductive reasoning. Try to understand who they are and the path they've traveled to their current self. Learn to accept and embrace your differences. It's important to remember that life's not always black or white, but more times than not a giant pool of grey we're constantly submersed in.

Don’t try to change them

Don’t forget why you fell for them in the first place.

You can’t change them. And if you try, they will resent you. Just as you would resent him if he tried to make you more like him. Allow each other to be your individual, and even opposite, selves - that’s what you fell in love with in the first place, right?

Don’t fall prey to potential

If, however, what you fell for was their potential, if you saw an opportunity to “fix” them or make them more like you - helping them to “see the light” that results in them changing, your relationship very well could be doomed from the start! Potential is not enough. You have to love them for who they are today. And love them for who they evolve to be tomorrow - if they evolve at all. And still love them if they don’t.

So stop focusing on right or wrong and focus on what you can learn from temporarily adopting a different point of view. You may have to bite your tongue or swallow a little ego, but if you're able to remain open to a few new thoughts, ideas and opinions, you'll begin to connect on a much deeper and more fulfilling level. Who knows, you may just learn something new about yourself as well.

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