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Top Dating Apps of 2016

By Nida Sea

Dating has a whole new perspective—especially with the increased usage of mobile devices. Dating apps have taken the mobile industry by storm, and nearly every online dating site offers a way to use their site via mobile device.

From mobile apps to mobile websites, online dating apps let you do more than chat. You can browse profiles, update your profile, snap a selfie and upload it, link all your social media accounts, and even call singles without revealing your number.

So, ready for the hottest dating apps of 2016? Read on to get the scoop.

1. Zoosk

Known as one of the hottest dating sites for young people, Zoosk's mobile app brings together dating, mobile technology, and social media in one easy-to-use package. More than 27 million people use Zoosk, and with their mobile app, you can meet single men and women fast.

Zoosk Mobile App

Zoosk’s mobile app, available on Android, iOS, and Amazon, lets you chat, browse, and flirt anywhere you have an internet connection. Chat with more than one person and upload new photos of yourself to your profile. Zoosk also lets you post to your Facebook account since they integrate it within their system.

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2.’s mobile app represents over 40% of users who log onto the site. Imagine that! Nearly half of’s users are singles on their mobile devices. Available on nearly every mobile device and with tons of features, Match’s mobile app is considered one of the top dating apps of 2016.

Want to send a shout out to that new hot chick? Send a wink directly from the app. Need to update your profile? Do so from your mobile device and include up to 24 photos. You can also access email and make a favorites list. If your profile is completely filled out, you can check and rate your "Daily Matches."


3. Badoo

Want even better dates with lots of young singles? Check out Badoo. Not only does Badoo integrate Facebook, similar to how Zoosk works, but they also have an app available for iOS and Android. Plus, with 100,000 mobile sign ups each day and singles from 180 countries, you’ll be able to meet new people easily.

Badoo’s mobile app appeal is that it works just like a video game environment. You’re given super powers and rise up points to improve your profile standing. Of course, along with chatting and browsing, you get extra points when you pay for a membership.

4. OkCupid

Are you eager to meet singles near you? OkCupid is the dating app that you want. Their mobile app lets you browse and search for singles who are only in your local area. And, once you join OkCupid you become active as a local area single!

So it works like this: You swipe over a user’s profile left or right to accept or pass on them. If you two match up well, you’ll get an email indicating you two fit just right. Once you click on the user’s profile, you can choose to send them a message and rate just how well they fit you. After you upgrade, you’ll gain access to incognito browsing—which means other members won’t know you’re checking them out until you message them.

5. SpeedDate

Get more dates fast without the hassle of making a huge profile using SpeedDate. Known for rapidly providing you with fresh, new singles based on your location, SpeedDate’s app works quickly to get you hooked up now.

Available on iOS and Android, SpeedDate uses geo-targeting so you can get the best singles who are closest to you. Plus, with push notifications you’ll be notified when you receive new messages or a new single comes online. Need to keep your notifications quiet? SpeedDate has a vibration feature you can customize to alert you privately without having to mute your phone.

6. POF

What dating site has more than 2 million users, a mobile app, and is FREE? POF, of course! POF, AKA PlentyOfFish, has over 80% of singles logging into their site via a mobile device. They’ve also taken over 67% of the mobile market share concerning dating apps. And, their app is free and available in five languages including French, Portuguese, and German.

Perform detailed searching on POF’s mobile app and customize your profile from your mobile device. A feature that is attractive to many young daters is Places. This feature provides you with a list of hot dating spots based on your local area, which means you’ll have plenty of options to help you on your first date.


A dating site with over 8 million members, thousands of true story couples, and originally launched on Valentine’s day 1997? is the site for you and with its versatile mobile app available on android, it continues to be one of the hottest dating sites that young singles can meet up quickly online.

You can sign up via Facebook to get on’s mobile app fast. After joining, you can browse, chat, and find local matches. The best thing about’s mobile app is real-time notifications from members currently active on the site. Plus, you can upload photos from your phone’s camera or Facebook account.

8. HowAboutWe

Ready for a dating app that gets you moving from online to offline? HowAboutWe’s mobile app allows you to find single men and women in your local area. On the app’s screen, you can view dates and photos of local singles, from there, you chat via the app, meet in person, and then participate in offline local events and activities.

When you invite friends to join via the mobile app, you can ask them to input their ideas for a date with local events. This makes it easier for singles to meet up and find events that are currently available like live sports or concerts.

Get into the mobile dating scene now and check out our best dating sites including Zoosk and today.



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