Choose the Hottest TV Guy for your Fall Fantasies

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By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

Fall has arrived, and with the flavour of pumpkin spice in the air, and the leaves turning brown all around us, it can only mean one thing: The long summer is over, and TV is returning! We can stop watching our summer reruns, and look forward to our long-awaited favorite shows, and with them, our long-awaited favorite men.

In celebration, we take a look at the hottest guys TV has to offer, and how to find ourselves a piece of the action offscreen too!

Captain Hook

It’s been too long without our favourite fairytale adventures known as Once Upon a Time. Hooked on the devilishly handsome Captain, and can’t wait for his return? We’re right there with you, as who doesn’t love a bad boy reformed? If the man at the helm of the Jolly Roger is your perfect idea of ‘Good form’ you’re probably looking for somewhere to let your wildest fantasies run a little wild, in the hope of ‘hooking’ a ladies man who you can entice into only having eyes for you. Online dating sites like Zoosk attract fun-loving single guys who want to date on the go with the #1 dating app and meet people looking for fun and romance.

Jackson Avery

Feeling a little low that McDreamy is no more? Focus all your attention on the rest of the line up at Seattle Grace, making Grey’s Anatomy the proud hosts of the most eligible hospital known to Earth. We could watch Jackson Avery et al. operate all day long, and we know we aren’t the only ones looking for a professional guy who knows what to do with his hands! If you’re a career woman looking for a guy who understands why you’re on call 24/7, try an online dating website like Elite Singles where 67% are college grads, or if you’re too busy with work altogether to browse profiles, try Professional Match who do all the searching for you.

Jake versus Fitz

Got your Tivo set for the fall premiere of Scandal already? Join the club. Whether you’re on Team Fitz or Team Jake, you can’t deny that these two make a suit look pretty darn good. While Jake has no goal in his life other than standing in the sun with his leading lady, we know that the leader of the free world in this case comes with a whole load of baggage. If you, like Fitz, have kids in tow, try a niche dating website such as SingleParentMeet or if you’re looking for a match who’s been around the block once or twice, try some more mature dating with popular choices SeniorPeopleMeet or OurTime.

Damon Salvatore

The delicious Damon Salvatore starts this season of The Vampire Diaries single once more, and who wouldn’t want to be hanging around Mystic Falls trying to catch his eye? Whether it’s his striking blue eyes, or the fantasy of a powerful creature brought to heel, this is more than just your average Bad Boy fetish. The Grill, anyone?

Does something a little more niche float your boat? Afraid to say we’re yet to see a vampire dating website out there, but if you’re looking for something narrower than your average to er, sink your teeth into, we’re great fans of religious dating websites Christian Mingle and Jdate. Looking for cultural compatibility and similar backgrounds? Give BlackPeopleMeet a try.

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper and his girlfriend Amy Farah Fowler in the Big Bang Theory found love against all odds, and while neither one is society’s idea of obvious beauty, the characters have become unlikely pin ups and have gained a surprising fan base! We love the idea of finding your soulmate when you least expect it, and are suckers for a great success story which never would have happened if not for the World Wide Web.

Is what gets your heart racing often a little different from your friends? Do you tend to find sexy where others look on in bemusement? Good for you! As the old adage goes, every pot has a lid, and remember, everyone’s hot guy is someone else’s not guy! Profile functionality can be your friend here. Websites like have great options like keyword search so you can find singles who are just as passionate as you, whether it’s over niche renaissance artists, formula one racing, or anything in between. With over 2 million members, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Whatever floats your boat, and whichever character you’re eagerly awaiting the return of, make sure you have someone to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa with by the time they’re back on our small screens!

Relying on TV to drown your sorrows after a messy break-up? Find out if Sweatpants killed your relationship and what you can do to stop it happening next time.



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