Can sweat pants kill your relationship?

Can sweatpants kill the relationshipBy Laurel House

Just because Eva Mendes tweeted her belief that sweats are the #1 cause of divorce, doesn’t mean that a pair of cotton pants should take the rap for your relationship’s death.

It’s ok to admit it…

If you're at all like me, you can't truly relax until you're in your comfy pants. Comfort around your significant other is important too. If you want to kick back and dress down, it shouldn't affect your relationship. That's right, get out those torn, tattered, and stained sweatpants and wear away.

Don’t blame it on the sweatpants

Sweatpants should not be blamed for the demise of your love life unless they are a symptom of something bigger. The real relationship killer is your lack of effort.

Yes, sometimes sweats can be an indicator that you simply don’t care anymore. That is IF you only wear sweats around the house, specifically holey sweats that do nothing to flatter your figure, paired with a stained t-shirt, ugly period panties and a mismatched bra underneath, your hair pulled up in a rats nest ponytail, no makeup on your face, and you haven’t shaved your bikini zone or legs in days or even weeks. Then… you’ve got a problem.

Put some effort into your relationship!

Just because you’re comfortably in love doesn’t mean you can stop trying to be sexy. Sure, you’re secure with your situation, you “know” your man loves you and would never cheat on you, but he’s still a man, he still has eyes, and he is still a visual creature - one who wants to be turned on by his woman.

Invest in zour relationship

No need to lounge in lingerie

That’s not to say that you always have to be dressed to the nines and lounge around in lingerie. But you should at least make the effort to make yourself look decent, and even sexy on occasion.

Still, while dressing up for no reason now and again is a great way to keep the spark going, it shouldn't be a daily concern. When you're in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, daily attire should be the least of your worries. If it's something either of you is overly focused on, it may be time to re-asses your relationship and your values.

You certainly don’t want to feel like you have to be “on” and perfect at home. Wearing cute sweats allows you to physically, and therefore emotionally let down your guard, be vulnerable, be real - which is a relationship essential. It’s just to what extreme you choose to take it.

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