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It’s not just the guys who get anxious using online dating, and despite being the most popular way to flirt and find love, we all need a bit of help from time to time. Here’s our rundown of the top 6 ways to flirt with the hottest guys using online dating, so that you can get online and get flirting in 2016.



1. Read Their Profile

One of the best pros of online dating sites over more casual Tinder™ like dating apps is the ability to build an online dating profile. Not only does this keep unsuitable guys from contacting you, it also helps you find out more about that cute guy before you get in touch. Check out everything he’s put out there online for the ladies to read, it will act as his first ‘hello’ almost like a first impression or a pre-introduction. If you’re looking for something casual and he wants to find a wife, or you want someone career minded and he’s unemployed, it will save you wasting your time too.

2. Get Personal

His profile is also the best place to find out all the important information you need to know to catch his eye. What sports does he like? What are his main interests? If you find out these key facts about him and his lifestyle, you can craft a perfect message to him which is guaranteed to catch his eye, and show you’ve made the effort to read what he’s written about himself too. Take a closer look at his pics and compliment an outfit or ask about family or friends pictured. If he’s pictured playing basketball with friends, comment on the score in a recent game, or ask which team gets his undying support. Studies have shown that these kind of personalized messages are so much more likely to get attention than a generic “Hi, how are you?” kind of message.

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3. Ask Some Flirty Questions

Many people write a whole long paragraph about themselves, hoping that their personality will be enough to get the guy paying attention. But it’s not just the ladies who like to open up about themselves. Give men a chance to tell you a bit about their hobbies and interests too, by asking a few questions. These can be specific and personal, based on what they have written in their profiles, or can be more connected to the things you like to do, to gauge if you have common ground. Maybe you met on ChristianMingle and you volunteer in your spare time. A great opener would be something like “I’m part of my areas big sister program, do you have any experiences with giving back?” This has two functions, firstly sharing something personal about yourself, and secondly, asking them to open up about their own experiences too.

4. Flirt Outside The Box

Chances are, there are a ton of women messaging the guy you have your eye on, so you have to be a bit quirky in order to be eye catching. For everyone this will mean something different. If there’s something unusual about you, try mentioning it. Maybe you’ve done something amazing like travelled somewhere unlikely or taken part in an adventure sport or a challenge you want to share. If you’re proud of your sense of humor, show it off with a joke or a funny story. Perhaps you know a fact which relates to something in one of his photos or his profile. If you show that you’re not copying and pasting the same old tired message to him, and that you’ve made an effort to stand out from the crowd, you are much more likely to get a response.

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5. Take your Time

There are a few ‘no go’ areas when chatting to a new guy, and even if you hit it off quickly, it’s wise to wait for a face to face date before bringing these up. Easily summarized, these are your past and your future. Relationship wise anyway, these two topics are not to be rushed into. Sure, you may have matched on EliteSingles, a site where everyone is looking happily ever after, but that doesn’t mean he needs to decide right away what kind of wedding he would like or how many kids is the ideal number. Similarly, no guy wants to hear about your ex before he’s even met you, so try to steer clear of any rants about how he cheated on you, or any lonely heart speeches about how much you miss your old boyfriend.

6. Cast a Wide Net

The great thing about online dating is the absolutely massive pool of potential matches available to you. Websites like send you daily matches directly to your dashboard, so you can get in touch with new men every single day. Some might not reply, and some you probably won’t hit it off with, but if you keep using the great online dating tools and keeping an open mind about meeting new people, you’re guaranteed to meet someone fantastic. In our experience, the people who find online dating disappointing are those who narrow their search filters down too dramatically, or are nervous to start chatting to new kinds of guys. Aren’t you giving online dating a try because you’re sick of dating the wrong men? Broaden your horizons, and it’s likely you won’t be sorry you did.

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