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Gina StewartBy Gina Stewart

Want to learn how to make your profile sound good? As a dating expert, I go through hundreds of dating profiles a day, not because I am desperate, but because this is my job.

I offer online dating consultation on a daily basis, helping people fill out their profiles, message each other and even as far as facilitating dates. Throughout my career, I’ve noticed many issues with user profiles on dating sites. Lots of people believe they need to make up stories or describe themselves in an essay format.

These common mistakes can make or break your online dating experience and leave your inbox empty. Time to discuss exactly what you need to focus on when writing your online dating profile to make it look as desirable as possible.

Cooking is Your Passion and Spontaneous is Your Middle Name? Write it!

It’s all about being yourself! Before you even sign up for a dating site, take some time to briefly write about who you are. Think about what you want your potential date to know about you. Write about the qualities you love about yourself and what makes you interesting. This way, when you sign up for a dating site, you won't feel overwhelmed and pressured to write about yourself on the spot – you will have already done it!

Want to Date Yourself? Probably Not

When writing your profile, try not to focus just on yourself, but also make sure to mention what it is you’re looking for. What type of person you’d like to meet, the types of qualities or hobbies that you find attractive. This way, a potential match can see if they may have a connection with you. It also makes it a lot easier to strike up a conversation. Don’t be self-centered, balance out your profile

Don’t Forget to Smile

When going through a profile, the first thing we all notice are the photos. Looks are part of what attract us to people. So make sure to display at least two photos of yourself, both a full body shot and a close-up. Make sure to smile, it makes you seem more approachable. Also, try to avoid using too many filters or a photo from ten years ago that doesn’t truly represent who you are now. If you end up meeting for a date in real life, you don’t want to disappoint. By doing this you will definitely be able to make your profile more trustworthy.

You’re Not a List of Boring Adjective, You’re a Story!

Everyone can describe themselves with a million adjectives, but they are not always true and even if they are, they are quite boring to read through. Instead of writing and telling that these are your qualities and interests, SHOW that they are. When you write that you love your morning runs in the park, you effectively show that you are athletic and active. By saying that you volunteer at local animal shelters, you paint a picture of you as a caring, empathetic animal lover. This will be a much more descriptive way for daters to get to know you and take an interest in you. Also, by giving examples of what you do instead of what you are, it allows people to relate to you. This way you might even meet someone to join you on your run, or come with you to volunteer! Wouldn't that be nice?

Update Update Update

So you’ve set up a great and attractive profile, taking into account all of my listed suggestions, but your work is not done just yet. Your profile requires maintenance and if you are serious about finding your match then you should be serious about keeping your profile up to date. Changed your job recently? Make it known. Lost a few pounds or built some muscle mass? Update your profile picture to show just that. Don’t be lazy and presume that once you’ve created that great and sexy profile then all you have to do is just wait and let the magic work. Finding that one true love requires a lot of work, and just like any successful relationship, your profile too, needs to be properly maintained.

Click below to give online dating a shot and begin building your online profile according to these easy tips. I promise you, your efforts will pay off. Begin by checking out our top dating sites comparison here.



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