Coaching Guides From Our Expert Dating Coachers

Our experts explore our top dating sites, provide you with inside tips to creating a great online profile, help you find the type of match you're looking for and coach you through the do's and don'ts of dating. Learn more about the secrets here. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hire a dating coach to do all the hard work for you? You wouldn’t have to make another dating profile, write another flirty greeting, or select a good location for a date. Dating coaches can be expensive, so we’ve got a better solution just for you. With our guides and articles, we have everything you need for dating coaching. From building a great profile to successfully winning that first date, you can get off on the right foot from dating online. Plus, it won’t cost you a fortune to get it done that you would pay to use a dating coach. 

The 5 Major Rules For Posting Photos

/ By Erika Ettin

What’s the first thing you look at in an online dating profile? I’ll give you a sec. It’s no secret that it’s the pictures! When it comes to online dating, having great photos makes all the difference...

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Making Your Dating Profile Attractive

/ By Gina Stewart

Want to learn how to make your profile sound good? As a dating expert, I go through hundreds of dating profiles a day, not because I am desperate, but because this is my job.

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How to Write a Great Online Dating Profile

/ By Laurel House

The reason why most online dating profiles go unread is because they are boring, canned, or cliché. But worst of all, they are ignored and only filled out in a bare-bones manner, indicative of your...

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The #1 Most Important Online Dating Profile Must

/ By Laurel House

It’s time to narrow the playing field! Yes, one of the benefits of online dating is that you are expanding your reach, and jumping into a huge pool of potential partners- some who may live on the other...

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The Best Dating Sites

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How to Use Zoosk Without Paying a Cent

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The Best Dating Sites for Professionals

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A Perfect Match! Singles, Find the Best Site for You

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EliteSingles Pricing Plans: How Much Does it Cost to Find Love?

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How to Choose a Dating Site According to Your Personality

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After the First Date

Do you know what to do after the first date? No? Well you’re in luck! This section discusses all the important details you need to know after you’ve successfully won that first date. You need to be prepared for what comes after that date because it’ll be up to you to impress on the second date, and the many dates thereafter.

One great topic in this section discusses the top reasons why a guy won’t likely call a woman back. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but if you read this article first, you’ll discover how to read the signs long before the date is over, so it won’t be a surprise if he doesn’t call back.

Dating Q&A

Some of the best questions are answered in our Q&A section. Here, we discuss hot topics such as ice breaker questions to ask during the first date, five games to play to lighten the mood, and your top questions about online dating answered.

Most people look at online dating as a mystery, but it’s not. Having a place to find all the best questions and answers makes it much easier for you to enjoy online dating. And, it doesn’t seem as mysterious as it once did.

Dating Statistics

If statistics help you to make the choice into online dating, we have a place for it. Our dating stats section offers some of the best statistical information regarding online dating and its success. Plus, we also have an article discussing online dating tests and if they honestly do work.

Get real information about how successful online dating leads to long-term relationships and happy marriages. The divorce rate is a major concern for plenty of people. But, when you go slowly in your dating phase and learn to enjoy the other person fully, your chances of a better marriage increase. And, with useful dating guides, you’re bound to be successful with online dating.

How to Avoid Dating Scams

Do you know how to recognize a scammer? Maybe you do. But do you know how to recognize a scammer on a dating website? Knowing how to recognize a dating scam is important to have a fun and successful time dating online. Read our page to discover tips and tricks to identifying and avoiding scammers. 

Dating Tips

Unsure how to approach the whole dating thing? We can help! We have a plethora of articles covering dating tips in order to keep you feeling confident and ready to interact online and go on as many dates as you want!

Dating & Astrology

Astrology and dating converge at a certain point. And we want to share those insights with you. Get real information on how dating and astrology come together to create compatibility and matching in your online dating journey.