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Ever the optimist, as an Aries you're independent, a go-getter and born leader. While your magnetic and generous personality means you’re never short of friends.

You relish a challenge. Whether it’s for work, friendship or romance, if you want something you’ll go after it. Moreover, with your enthusiasm and positive attitude you usually get it.

Let's face it, though, you are irritated by foolishness - and you’re not one for too much emotion. You get impatient if things don’t happen fast enough, and it makes you feel short tempered and moody.

This is the reason online dating tends to work for you. You like the idea of finding someone with potential right from the start. That’s why you’ll appreciate a dating site like Plenty of Fish where you can look for love based on the best zodiac sign matches for you.

However, before you do so, you'll want to know exactly who you’re compatible with. So here is a guide to the best zodiac sign matches for Aries.


Be prepared to take the lead with Taurus. Independence isn't one of their character traits and they tend to be cautious by nature. Their persistence and patience may prove to be a good balance for your impatience. However, will you be able to deal with their deep sensitivity and tendency to get easily hurt?


Similar in character, you're both energetic and share the same impulsive streak. So expect lots of fun and last minute plans. Clever and witty, you'll love being in the company of a Gemini. Be aware though, that because you’re both so independent, there could be disagreements when you both want your own way.


This is one of the more difficult zodiac sign matches. There may be initial physical attraction between you, but you’ll find it hard to relate to their clingy and sensitive nature. In addition, you both have a tendency to get moody, so could end up making each other miserable. On the positive side, though, they are loyal, caring and adaptable. So if you're patient enough, you could make this relationship work.


You're both strong characters, so it's going to be fiery at times. But you will admire their confidence and ambition. Furthermore, you’re both generous by nature which can make for a nurturing and giving relationship.


Their need for precision and to analyze everything might drive you to despair. In addition, while you're an optimist, they tend to be skeptical and inflexible in contrast. It won’t make for an easy pairing.


Although your personalities differ in some respects, you might just complement each other perfectly. Diplomatic and easy to get along with, their calm nature could bring some balance to your frenetic pace. Conversely, you’ll be able to make the quick decisions when they get indecisive.


This relationship could go one of two ways. Their passion and dynamic character could resonate with you, leading to an exciting relationship. However, they are prone to jealousy and suspicion which could irritate you.

Couple meet through zodiac sign matches for Aries


Possibly the most perfect zodiac love sign matches of all for you. You'll discover that dating a Sagittarius is full of excitement as they crave adventure and enjoy exploring anything new. You'll also love their optimism and straight talking attitude. In fact, you might just have met your soul mate!


There is the potential for some serious clashes here. Capricorn has a tendency to be dictatorial. As someone who doesn't like taking orders, you’re liable to become short tempered if they start telling you what to do. They do have a very caring and sympathetic personality - but is that enough to hold you together?


You share a passion for adventure and you'll love engaging in witty and intelligent conversation with them. So there is the potential for a good relationship with an Aquarius. Do be aware though, they won’t take too kindly to you if you try to dominate them.


Although they can be shy at first, you'll warm to their caring nature and sense of romance. You’ll also love the way they seem to know exactly how you feel. In return, they will appreciate having a stronger character to support them.

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