Simple Tips to Make Your Second Date a Blast

By Nida Sea

You feel great! Your first date with the girl you met online couldn’t have gone any better. She was funny, smart, beautiful, just like you thought and you two simply had a great time. Sure, if done right, the first date is almost always fun and memorable.

But, what about the second date? How will you top that first date? The answer is quite simple, just be yourself. But it won’t harm to take some of these second date tips into consideration.

Change It Up

The first date was all about breaking the ice, flirting, and having fun. You went to the movies, or on a romantic dinner, or maybe even both. But on your second date, you should focus more about getting to know each other. Sure, you did that using the best dating site features, but in person, it’s much different. Take her some place where you guys can be both active and talk, like playing pool, or bowling. Do something that is fun and light where both of you can enjoy, but also be able to take a little break and focus more on your compatibility.

Truly Listen

couple talking

A good piece of online dating advice after a first date is to remember what your date said. If you’re scratching your head with a blank expression on your face and not recalling anything she said, then you can probably forget about the second date. On the first date or from the online dating site chat logs, pay attention to keywords and crucial details she’s mentioned. Did she talk about her hobbies? Did she mention a favorite food or music? Little things like this will impress her, and she’ll be inclined to want to see you again if she knows you take her interests seriously.

Eye Contact Is Key

eye contact

Making eye contact is where it all starts. Looking into your date’s eyes does not only build trust, but shows her that you’re self-confident and interested in what she has to say. It will help her feel attractive, intriguing and important. Not to mention confidence is way sexy, fellas.

With that said, don’t over stare and intimidate her. If the second date is starting to go south, back off the intensity of your contact. Staring too hard into her eyes or other physical features will make her shift uncomfortably, and she may make nervous comments. Just show her she’s got your attention.

Girls Love Compliments

Women love to feel wanted, I mean who doesn’t? You can show her how interested you are by simply paying her a compliment or two. Just remember these two things: 1. Timing is key! Don’t go overboard on the complimenting and make sure they are in the right context. Otherwise, it will look like you may lack tact and seem quite desperate. 2. Don’t put her above yourself (You’ll appear self-conscious!). All you have to do is say nice (nice, not perverted) things about her. For instance, “I think your taste in food is excellent,” or, “I enjoy your company because you’re so easy to talk to.” That’s it. Simple, honest, nice comments about her likes or her personality, and not her boobs or butt.

Don’t Pretend – Just Be Yourself

Dating for the first time is fun, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Your best shot to make any of your dates work is to be yourself. Women like an honest man, so be honest with yourself and her. And if she doesn’t like the true you, then she’s just not the right person for you.

Want more advice about how to interact correctly with singles through online dating sites Check out this article on online dating etiquette and improve your chances of scoring that first date today.



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