8 Reasons Why You Should Try Online Dating

Have you been hesitant about stepping into the world of online dating? If you haven’t met Mr. or Miss Right, it’s time for you to give it a try. Here are 8 reasons you should take the plunge:


1. You can put your best foot forward—in your sweatpants.

Imagine creating the perfect introduction for yourself without having to dress up or even brush your hair. With online dating, you can. Let your profile pics showcase your gorgeous smile or sense of adventure. On sites like Elite Singles you can sync your dating profile to your Facebook, which means you can mine for a killer photo without having to search too far.

2. You can weed out the bad apples.

When you meet someone online, you’ll have time to get to know them before committing to an actual date. After a few chats and some Facebook stalking, you’ll have a better idea of who the person is before meeting for coffee or dinner. If you don’t know how to make the first move, sites like Zoosk have fun icebreaker questions that you can send out to get the conversation going.:

3. Because practice makes perfect.

With online dating, you have access to a huge pool of people. More suitable matches mean more dates. And the more dates you go on, the better you get at dating.

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4. Because everybody’s doing it.

There used to be a stigma around online dating, but those days are long gone. Between long work days and staying social, busy people turn to online dating to meet the right person every day. Match.com has grown tremendously since it first launched and now has around 250,000 new members yearly. Oh, and online dating is now the second most common way to find a significant other (the first being introduced by a friend).

5. Because it’s better than being set up.

Blind dates are the worst. You never know what to expect. You feel pressure to have a love connection to make your friend happy. You know that if it’s not right, it usually goes horribly, horribly wrong. With online dating, you don’t have to explain why your cousin’s cat-obsessed coworker wasn’t a good fit.

6. You can filter.

Do you hate people who listen to a certain type of music? Do you only want to meet people who live close by? Do you prefer people with curly hair? Online dating is the best way to filter, without hurting anyone’s feelings.

7. You can date on the go.

Most dating sites have convenient apps, so you can meet matches on your commute, while running errands, or during endless conference calls. As the #1 online dating app, helps you move seamlessly from desktop to phone.

8. It’s never been easier to start.

There are services out there that don’t require hours and endless questionnaires to get started. is one of them. Sign up with the simple click of a button to meet the person that is right for you!

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