AYI Review for Seniors

AYI Overview

The Are You Interested dating site is easy to use, with clear and helpful prompts, such as the site reminding you to add your photo if you haven’t yet via a popup window. In truth, the popup is in your best interest since profiles with photos do far better than those without, so get your photo up early! With a quick look at the Are You Interested review and site, you’ll note that it relies less on scientific matching and more on simple compatibility, location and interests. This is appreciated by those of us who prefer getting to know people in a natural setting more than answering a lot of questions to analyze oneself and one’s preferences.

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AYI Features

Ice Breaker Questions

Ice Breaker Questions are question prompts from Are You Interested to help its users start the process of getting to know people. The questions are very easy to answer (just click the circle next to your choice) and they are then sent to those members that the program assesses to be similar to you. Almost immediately, responses from potential matches will start to arrive in your Inbox, so you can review them, and see, ‘are you interested’ to continue the conversation. This is an easy, painless way to start getting to know someone. Sample questions include: How important is religion in your life? What is your ideal first date? Do you enjoy cuddling?

Control Who Sees You

This feature allows you to avoid having to say no to people who are not a good fit. By using these controls, you determine who sees your profile and who does not. This feature can save you time, effort, and awkwardness.

Promote Me

Promote Me is another feature offered, which allows members to get their profiles noticed and seen by more people. This helps members that are looking for maximum exposure.

AYI Safety

This Are You Interested review will help you see how important your safety is on AreYouInterested.com, which dedicates an entire page to safety tips and how to identify a scammer. It discusses meeting someone in person, as well as signs of fraud for which you can keep an eye out. These tips are important as the site seems to be minimally involved in the match-making process and gives users the tools and opportunities to meet people and progress into a relationship naturally without a lot of overly scientific or psychological analysis and questions.

AYI Sign Up

Sign up could not be easier. The fields to fill out pop up on the screen and the typeface is a nice size, a plus for those seniors among us who hate searching for glasses. And if it couldn’t get any easier, you can also sign up via your Facebook account. Then, once you have created the account, an immediate prompt to search for photos from your computer or Facebook pops up – this is very useful in helping you include a profile picture.

Immediately after the photo search, a potential match appears on the screen, as well as an icebreaker question to help you get started. Only two minutes in and you’ll feel excited at the prospect of meeting people. Great beginning.

AYI Prices

Free memberships may browse and view profiles, and get an idea of what the site is all about or pay the monthly fee to have access to all of the site’s features.

$2.95/month – 6 month plan

$3.75/month – 3 month plan

$5.65/month – 1 month

AYI Ease of Use

Are You Interested is very user friendly and easy to use, as can be seen by the ability to log in via Facebook and the large font it offers – a great feature for 50+ eyes.

AYI The Search

Location (radius), age, ethnicity and intent – these are the search criteria. These criteria seem focused on answering the question: Are you interested? Like a feeler for the basics, these questions allow the senior user to broaden his or her scope within the basic parameters that are meaningful to them without having to invest too much before knowing more about the other person.

Why AreYouInterested Is Suitable for Senior Daters

Within minutes of creating a profile and before even uploading a photo, messages and “likes” await the new member, from seniors in the area who seem normal and friendly. The site has a blog with relevant articles, tips, and research on dating over 50. This information is particularly helpful for those who want to maximize the opportunity and get the most out of online dating. The safety tips explained in this Are You Interested review are also easy to understand and can be used together with other tips offered on some of the top dating sites out there.

The tips are easy and well laid out for those who might tend to be less aware of the scams and dangers of dating online. Ease of use combined with helpful advice makes this site very senior friendly.

AYI Bottom Line

For seniors looking to jump in and find potential matches, the AYI dating site is a good place to find and meet other boomers. The easy interface, simple questions, prompts and informative blog really take the guess work out of over 50 dating. Meeting friends or that special someone doesn’t seem so hard after a few minutes on Are You Interested.

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