Online Dating Coaching Guides for Seniors

Are you new to online dating for seniors? Did you know that you can get quality dating coaching for seniors without ever hiring a dating coach? Some seniors spend thousands of dollars on a dating coach so they can find the right person that fits them best.

Even with a seniors dating coach, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right person. But, you don’t have to spend thousands on a dating coach. In fact, we have guides and advice that works just like dating coaching for seniors. These resources are free to use and you can reference them any time you have questions during your online dating endeavor.

Supporting a Partner in a Crisis

/ By Ken Solin

Webster’s defines crisis as “a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention.” I experienced a difficult situation when my partner Sarah’s best friend died less than a year into our relationship.

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Age Appropriate Dating

/ Ken Solin

I.Q. And E.Q. I dated on and off for a decade before I met my partner online two years ago, and I dated women my age exclusively. I believe senior women make the best possible dates and partners, and...

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Why You Should Delete Your Dating Inbox Now

/ By Ken Solin

The first advice I give my new senior date coaching clients is to date proactively - not reactively. I urge them to delete all of the emails in their online dating website’s inbox and send emails only...

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Introducing A New Partner To Adult Children

/ By Ken Solin

You’re excited about finally meeting a man or woman you feel has the potential to become your life partner. It took long enough, didn’t it? I mean you dated online for quite a while, sent emailArticle brief goes here

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10 Ways Seniors Can Beat Loneliness

/ By Ken Solin

Whether or not the majority of seniors are lonely is no longer a question. Surveys indicate as many as 65% of seniors report they’re lonely or feel isolated. This is a Western worldwide phenomenon, and...

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Dating Advice

  • 3 Reasons No One Should Lie About Age

    I’ve lost track of the number of times senior men and women have told me they felt it was okay to lie about age in their online dating profiles. If I had to give a percentage to seniors who believe...

  • Do Senior Online Dating Sites Live Up To The Hype?

    There are a number of questions single seniors might have about the ubiquitous online dating hype. Dating websites make it seem as if signing up is nearly a guaranty you’ll meet the man or woman of your dreams. Whether or not that’s entirely...

Compare Best Dating Sites for Seniors

Senior Dating Trends, Facts & Stats

If you read stats about online dating for seniors, you may find information that over implies the dangers of seniors dating online. Yes, it can be a scary feeling when you reach out to your first single stranger, but there are also many nice people waiting to hear from you. If you check out the statistics on our page, you’ll find out just how to reach the right people.

When you visit our statistical section of our free resources for online dating seniors, you’ll find methods to help you make online dating work for you. You have to date the right way, and our stats will help you figure out how that’s done. You have to take things in moderation. Online dating is just like real in person dating; you need to go slow and you need to enjoy yourself.

Senior Dating Q&A

Seniors may have questions as to the different methods and strategies they can use for online dating. We have in our Q&A section methods that you can use to improve the number of responses you receive from other single seniors.

In addition to adding a great profile picture, you want to ensure that every bit of information on your profile is completed. Only entering bits and pieces of information comes across as lazy and half done, which nobody wants to see in a profile. So, be sure to fill out all the profile information accurately and in your own personal voice so others can get a taste of your personality.

Senior Dating Advice for After the First Date

You can get so much assistance after the first date in our free resources for online dating seniors. If you want a great guides, our very own senior dating coach, Ken Solin, provides you with in-depth guides that take out the frustration and discouragement in online dating for seniors.

One of the elements he covers includes typecasting your date, which means dating the same person who reminds you someone from the past. Some seniors have a tendency to date the same person repeatedly and expecting a different result. It’s not healthy, and in it only stands to drive you crazy. But if you review our coaching information, Ken can help you steer clear of it and motivate you to enjoy your dating experience.

Senior Dating Astrology Advice

How To Avoid Senior Dating Scams