How To Craft An Online Dating Profile To Make The Women Swoon

Online dating profile tips for lesbian daters

By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

When it comes to completing online dating profiles on lesbian dating sites, the part that you probably stress over the most is the “About Me" section. Tweaking your profile bio with a word here and an erasure there is not only normal but recommended.

The biggest challenge that girls have is that they don’t want to sound “typical," “normal," or “basic." The point is to stand out, to be different. But honestly, after browsing so many profiles where the girls are all “open-minded" (synonym for secretive?), “needing discretion" (another bigger synonym for secretive?), or “just needing a friend" (what’s that all about?), it isn’t wrong to feel as if you need online dating help and advice to get ahead in the arena of lesbian dating sites.

These online dating profile tips will give you a jump on the competition and allow your profile to stand out. What not to write, why not to write it, and what you can write instead--this is a complete online dating help guide on how to develop a good “About Me" section for your profile.

Artfully Mysterious or Blatantly Honest?

Many online profiles are so general that someone viewing it might think you’re a scammer; they certainly won’t take you as someone serious about finding love. The most popular online dating profile descriptions are “spontaneous," “drama-free," “open-minded," and “laid-back." Without elaboration, visitors might wander into a profile and wander out, simply because they were not given enough specifics to make a decision.

General terms like these have different meanings for every visitor. “Drama-free" is particularly sketchy. Even if you are honestly so unexcitable that your date can show up ten hours late without awakening your ire, putting that term on your profile might still be a turnoff, simply because it is so easily misunderstood.

On the other hand, bare details do not always convey honesty. If your profile sounds like an untitled recipe that describes your favorite color as red, your favorite food as Thai, and your favorite book as Pride and Prejudice, then that’s too much and too little information at the same time. Although visitors can probably sit down to analyze your compatibility that bare enumeration of facts might not give them enough of a grasp on you to stay.

The best kind of dating profile would blend the two. Start conversationally, with a general entry: “I’m a girl who knows how to enjoy herself." Then, instead of continuing to add adjectives to your description, add interests. “My idea of a good time is a trip to the beach and a day of surfing. On other days, a bike ride in the park is good enough."

That kind of specificity tells your visitors: I’m a girl who enjoys the outdoors and physical activity. Simply put, simple to read, and easy enough for a visitor to decide: “Hey, we might get along, this girl and I."

Furthermore, it is these details that allow sites like Compatible Partners to use advanced algorithms to find your perfect match.


Help with online lesbian dating site profiles

Set Checklist or Open Question?

The other part of your dating profile that you might be having a problem with is the part where you describe the kind of girl you’re looking to be in a relationship with. It all boils down to how specific you want to be.

First, try not to be so specific that you filter out 100% of the lesbian population on the online dating site. If your idea of finding who you want is a checklist that dictates that her hair should be blond and bob-cut, that she needs to have a doctorate degree and dress-making skills at the same time, take a step back into reality.

At the same time, it might not be a good idea to leave the question completely open. If you start chatting with a girl who you really like, it would be rather unfortunate if you discovered that she has three dogs--and you’re allergic. Even if, say, you’re a bit shy of describing what you’re looking for in a partner, it is practical to put some details in.

At the very least, think more of compatibility. A good approach would go like this: “If you don’t mind eating vegan once in a while, or that I’m allergic to dogs, it would be awesome to get to know you!"

Among our online dating profile tips, it’s important to remember is that wording your profile that way will let your visitors know what they need to about being in a relationship with you, without intimidating them by the sheer volume of the list you’ve put down.

Think of it this way. You want to use the information to narrow it down to the top 10%, using advanced features like Zoosk’s chatting features are a good way to weigh multiple options by getting to know several different women.

On an Online Dating Site, the Book is Judged by its Cover

Unfortunate, but true. The first things that visitors see on your profile are usually your profile picture and your mini-bio. Choosing and uploading a nice pic of yourself is one thing. Using your dating profile to put a character to the face is so much harder. Thankfully, these online dating profile tips have given you the tools you need to have a top notch profile.

Now that you know how to craft a personal, attractive online dating bio, complete your profile and get ready to meet the one you’re looking for!



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