Lesbian Dating Advice: How to Land That Second Date

After first date advice for women - text her!

When you open your eyes in the morning, this day is just a little bit different. Your room is a bit brighter, your body feels lighter, and a flush of excitement is in your cheeks. It looks like someone had a great first date!

Excited, you grab up your phone to send her a text message - but no, you’re supposed to wait three days before texting. Or was it just one? Not sure where to go from here? Check out this advice for lesbian date follow-ups compiled by our dating advice experts.

Don’t Wait To Message Her

There is no rule saying how long you have to wait before you reach out to her again. Best advice is to follow your instincts - text her right after the date if you want to. Whether you message her through advanced online dating messaging apps, such as Zoosk or you prefer to use plain old text messaging, as long as you take the initiative and follow your gut, you are definitely making the right move.

Timing Matters

Remember, don’t wait too long and text her after a few days, as she might think you’ve moved on by the time you get around to it. In terms of timing, messaging in the middle of the day is not quite an effective flirting method: your sweetness will be lost in between a scolding from her boss and a looming deadline. You don’t want to leave her hanging! If you feel comfortable enough, it’s better to start off her day on a high note--and while her mind is still clear before the days bustle when she reads it. Then message something else in the evening, when she’s ready to rest, a nice text is just what she needs to relax – perhaps a simple “Thinking of you, hope you had a good day". She won’t forget to answer either.

Second Date

Suggest The Second Date

If it’s clear the two of you enjoyed yourselves, if coffee turned into dinner plus dessert plus a walk around the park, it’s simple enough. Just say, “You know there’s a live band at the park this weekend. Do you want to go?"

If it’s the day after the first date, suggest it anyway. The great thing about the way you’re saying it is that you are already telling her several things. One: I had a great time with you. Two: I want to do it again. Three: I’m serious (hence the specific date suggestion). And four: Do you feel the same way about me? Take this flirting advice to heart. A straightforward message planning a future is the next step after the general “How are you?" and “How was your day?" messages.

Refer Back To Something You Shared From Your Date

If you’re not sure how to start a conversation, recalling your shared experiences during the first date is a great place to start. Reference something familiar to both of you, at least for the first messages that you send.

For example, if she told you a funny story that you both couldn’t stop laughing about, text her about it: “I still can’t get over that funny story you shared last night. Any more of those up your sleeve?” It saves you both from a conversation that closes its doors the moment she answers, “Maybe, but only if you share one with me as well?" That gives you a great opportunity to offer to tell her your funny bits over the phone or better yet, over your next date.

Another example could be her favorite TV show that she mentioned during the date. Go for “I just watched Sherlock Holmes last night because you suggested it." It not only tells her that you were listening to what she was saying, but also shows that you absorbed the details she gave you so much that they are altering the way you see things. Girls feel good when their partners see them in their daily lives - flirting is always more successful when she knows that you literally can’t get her out of your head.

Take Advantage of Your Dating Site

If you were so nervous during the first date that you forgot a lot of the conversation, dating sites like match.com pride themselves on their ability to gather hobbies, likes and dislikes from their users to make your dating experience easier.

The best thing about this is that by the second date, all you need to do is continue those conversations. This strengthens the relationship faster, and has paved the way for flirting to continue for the rest of the date.

Just Be Yourself

While our advice can definitely help you land that second date, the most important part is that you follow your heart with what you are most comfortable with. If you felt that your date was a blast then the feeling must be mutual. You shouldn’t worry too much about what you should say or when. Just be yourself and reach out to her, the rest will just naturally happen and you’ll be on your second date before you know it.

Now that you know that a second date is just a matter of a few days, check out these great fashion ideas on what to wear to impress your girl.


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