Second Date Do’s And Don’ts For Lesbian Dating

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Amazing first date? Check. Post-first date texts and calls ongoing? Check. Second date scheduled? CHECK! Butterflies in your stomach? Check. Congratulations! The only problem now is trying to figure out what on earth do you do on the second date? There is tons of second date advice for lesbians, but the most important thing to remember is that you want that chemistry to strengthen and the excitement to grow so you can guarantee a third date.

Here are some practical second date do’s and don’ts that should help you grow that mutual passion and turn your second date into a third.

Change The Scenery

While the first date is usually in a controlled environment, like a coffeehouse or a restaurant, on the second date, you want to change things up a bit. You don’t want either of you to get bored and finding something different to do will give you more things to talk about. Go to an arcade and shoot baskets or play air hockey. Find a good movie that you’d both like to watch or walk around and explore the city. These options will make any second date a success.

If you’re unsure as where to go, don’t be afraid to ask her - that’s why these online dating sites have great features like’s chatting interface that makes communication super easy. But when you do ask her, have some suggestions in mind so she feels as if you put some effort into it.

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Don’t Divulge Too Much

If you run out of small talk topics to discuss, your conversation is going to get real personal, real fast. Before you know it, you could begin talking about your family issues, ex-girlfriend issues, and a whole lot of other subjects that are for the ears of best friends and therapists only—and your significant other, but that’s supposed to be later, much later. Even worse, you both might resort to the “I’ve-never-told-anyone-this-before" kinds of secrets. This creates a feeling of intimacy, but that’s not always a good thing. If this happens, you will most likely both walk away wondering what other deep secrets is she hiding and maybe she’s not who you thought she is.

Keep to light topics - since you’re not just sitting over coffee or dinner, you can talk about the date as it unfolds. That movie that you watched, for example, or the highlights of your air hockey match. Go window shopping if both of you love fashion and talk about clothes. Save the bigger discussions for the next date, where you both feel more comfortable with your chemistry and dynamics. That way, the suspense and excitement build up for the third date.

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Do Talk About Interests And Dreams

Talking with your date about each other’s interests and dreams is a great way to show you’re ambitious and passionate about your life. Furthermore, it will allow you to make sure that you have good foundations to build a relationship around.

Our interests and dreams are the building blocks of our identity. By telling someone about your dreams, you are giving them a glimpse into your childhood, your present, and your future.

If you’re worried about running out of ideas to talk about, check out her online dating profile again. Even if you’re in the cab on your way to meet her and just need a quick refresher, Zoosk has a great app that will let you pull up her profile and review her interests in seconds.

Don’t Be Someone Else

Don’t try to change yourself for her. If you were cautious with letting her get to know the real you on the first date, then show her more of yourself this time around. After all, you want her to fall in love with who you are and pretending to be someone else will get you further away from that.

If you want to fall in love, make sure that it is with someone who accepts you. There are too many fish in the sea to not find someone willing to love you for the great person you are.

Follow Your Intuition

When it comes to second date do’s and don’ts, it is important to remember that no number of second date tips can prepare you for every possible bump in the road. Just remember to expect the unexpected, be yourself, be honest and show up with a smile. Do that and your second date will be an amazing time.

And if your second date didn’t go as planned, check out these online dating sites that are bound to help you find the perfect girl for you!


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