Guy-diance: Dating Advice for the Gay Man

Are you not having any luck meeting gay men on the internet? Does the gay dating advice you receive seem to be lacking? Do feel isolated in your local area and can’t seem to find anyone with similar gay interests? Millions of single gay men meet via online dating and eventually cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Imagine finding other gay men who are eager to meet you and ready to chat the moment they view your profile information. Imagine if you could find the best dating advice for gay men and learn how to discover new and fulfilling relationships all online. The articles on our site will bring you to all the information you need to get started with gay online dating.

How To Be A Single Gay Dad And Date

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So you’re ready to hit the dating scene again. Except unlike most gay singles, your situation is a little more complicated: you’re a full time dad. You want to bridge those two parts of your life: finding...

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Top 4 Melt-Your-Heart Gay Dating Scams

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The number of gay dating sites is on the rise and so is the general membership amongst them. Unfortunately, some of these members are not looking for love, but are looking to pull a successful gay...

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How to Avoid Online Dating Military Scams

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Don’t you just love a man in uniform? It’s more than just how it shows off those shoulders, it’s the perfect vision of a strong, hard working man. What makes a man in uniform even better is that he’s...

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Great Dating Advice for Your First Gay Date

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You met on a dating site, his profile seemed appealing and you started chatting online. The several conversations you had made you smile, feel great and confident, so you asked him to meet. Getting...

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Dating Advice

  • Why the Holiday Season is the Most Popular Time to Breakup

    This the Season to… Breakup? Harsh reality: The holiday season is the most popular time of year to breakup. From Thanksgiving through two weeks before Christmas, breakups are steadily climbing to the number one spot of most popular time of...

  • Lesbian Dating Advice From TV’s Favorite Ladies

    Whether you are thinking of trying out online dating for the first time, or returning to the dating scene after a long break, it can seem like a daunting proposition. That’s why, before you start...

  • Do You Believe Your One True Love Exists?

    Lot of women I’ve date coached find it difficult to believe there really is someone for everyone online, and their fear is that they may be one of the seniors left standing without a chair when the music stops. In truth there’s some validity to...

Compare Before You Buy

Think you’ll become overwhelmed in our gay relationship advice? With the use of online dating and informative guides, you have all the resources you need to put you on the right path to finding the man of your dreams.

Avoiding Online Dating Scams

While it may be excited to finally find a man, online, who finally gets you, just make sure you are getting the "real" him. Scams can happen via live chat, email, private messaging, and even via mobile text. Find out how to avoid common gay dating scams.

Gay Dating Statistics

There are many fascinating trends and stats in the gay dating world. We dish on the eye-opening facts and trends and help you navigate the dating world, better. Click to read more about gay dating statistics.

Tips for Successful Gay Dating

Learn the secrets tips that will bring your online dating experience to a whole new level. Find out a plethora of information including the best ways to get your profile noticed. Simple tips include a relevant, current photo of yourself and filling out your profile completely.

Coaching for Online Dating

Sure, you can go through the online dating process alone, or you can get a little help from our experts. Our team of experienced coaches are here to provide the best, most relevant advice, in the gay online dating world. Get an inside scoop on everything from profile building to improving your online dating strategy. Click to read what our coaches have to say .

Complete Q&A for the Gay Online Dater

Not everyone is born with all the answers. Often, you may find yourself with questions on exactly how to navigate the often confusing world of gay online dating. Don't let your questions about online dating go unanswered! Read on to satisfy your curiosity and solve your dating and relationship questions .

Astrology for Best Matches

Some couples tend to find they match better when their signs are compatible. Minimize some of the risks associated with online dating by seeing if it really is a match written in the stars. Learn how astrology can play a big part in your gay online dating venture .

After the First Date

Success! You’ve struck it big with your first date, now it’s time for part two. What do you say to score a second date? Maybe you need to break it off after the first date, but you don’t want to make a scene. Read on to find all the help you'll need navigate what comes after the first date.