Spiritual Guidance: Dating Advice for Christian Singles

If only they had online dating in Biblical times, life in Bethlehem may have been a little different… While we may not be one of the three Wise Men, we do bring the gift of knowledge. With our in-depth articles and online guides, you’ll have all the dating advice you need to build a strong, Christian relationship with a solid foundation.

We aim to answer your most important questions about dating online: offering articles to help figure out what to say to get a first date or how to spot fraudulent member and scams. No matter what you’re seeking in Christian online dating, we can help you make it happen.

How to be Sexy, Single, and Christian

/ By Shawn Orsagh

Recently, I read an article naming the top celebrities who remained virgins until marriage or vowed to stay virgins until they are married. What I loved most about this article was not only where they staying virgins but they were having fun ...

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Christian Dating Do’s and Don’ts

With the way in which dating is portrayed in the media, Christian singles dating often seems like a paradox. Most major motion films these days show couples becoming intimate within the first few dates...

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Dating Advice

  • Do Online Dating Tests Honestly Work?

    Out of all the online dating sites available, only a select few honestly know how to get people together. How do they do this? The answer is: Online dating tests. You may be thinking that compatibility...

  • The Ultimate Style Guide: What to Wear on a First Date

    I used to love the show “What not to Wear” with Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. (In fact, I was actually an extra once when they filmed an episode in Washington, DC… I couldn’t resist!) On the show, Clinton and Stacy dressed up their clients like...

  • Online Dating First Dates: How to Keep the Love Alive

    So you’ve gone and done it. You’ve moved from online dating first dates, to regular dating and it has been wonderful. But, what happens when the magic from those first dates starts to fade? Don’t think...

Compare Before You Buy

Concerned about what to do to get together after the first date? Maybe you’re worried advice for Christian dating isn’t up-to-date or relevant any more. That isn’t the case. With online dating for Christians, you’ll find useful information about coaching, tips, Q&A, and scams.

You may not realize it, but astrology plays a big part in bringing couples together. Sometimes, people tend to fit one another better when their signs match, and with our Christian dating advice for singles, you’ll find out how using signs can work for you.

Christian Dating Tips

Balancing the modern dating world with Christian values may be confusing for some. For men and women seeking guidance, we've got you covered. Read helpful dating tips to finding out what you want, online.

Avoid Online Dating Scams

With online dating, you have the freedom to be yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone is always as honest. If you’re worried about online dating scams, our articles can steer you in the right direction. Learn more about how to avoid online dating scams.

Christian Dating Astrology

Curious to know if you and your potential partner really match? Check out the astrology page to find out if more than just your faith-based values are matches made in the stars.

Helpful Q&A page

It's no secret that dating can be confusing. You may help loads of questions that you are seeking answers to. Let us help you get the clarity for all your Christian relationship or dating needs .

Christian Dating Coaching

Not all of us have been gifted by God with the smooth moves to win someone's heart. Whether you're unsure of what to wear or what to say, there's nothing wrong with needing that extra coaching to help you bring your dating skills to the next level. Read on for helpful dating Dos and Don'ts and see what advice our experts have for you.

After the First Date

Congratulations, you had a successful first date, but do you know what to do next? Find valuable dating tips for the Christian single. Learn more about what to do after the first date.

Christian Dating Statistics

The reality of dating is constantly changing. With more and more people finding their mates online, love is really comes down to a numbers game. Learn about the latest Christian dating statistics and trends.