Should You Feature Your Furbaby on Your Dating Profile Picture?

Single animal lovers on a date with their dog

By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

As all true animal lovers know, you can learn a lot about a potential match by the pet they feature themselves with in their profile picture. If you're lucky to find more pictures of your match and their furry friend, you'll know that they understand what it is to be an animal lover.

What a Featured Pet Says About Your Match

The Labrador Retriever

If you're looking for loyalty, spontaneity and a bundle of fun all rolled into one, a match that features a healthy and happy Lab in their profile pic may be the way to go. Labs are known for being excellent companions and they require an owner who is willing to put the time and effort into their training. They also require a lot of time outdoors, playing and exploring the world around them, which means your match is most likely athletic and outgoing.

A couple of animal lovers dating

A Feline Friend

Many often say there are two types of people in the world, cat people and dog people. Cats tend to be fickle but fiercely loyal creatures and they can take their time before letting someone get close to them. If your match has a good relationship with their cat, it's a good sign that they'll work hard to get to know you as well.

The Friendly Rabbit

Owning a rabbit is very different than caring for a cat or another animals. Rabbits need a safe, secure and comfortable home that is kept clean and tidy. If your match has a rabbit friend you can guarantee that their life is clutter-free and balanced. Plus, rabbits need cuddling and social interaction to stay happy, which means your match isn't afraid of getting close and being open with their emotions.

An Aquatic Match

While fish tanks often make for an impressive first impression, they require a lot more time and effort than one would imagine. One must make sure the PH levels are always balanced, the tank is clean and that the fish actually get along. If your match enjoys keeping fish you can guarantee that they have an eye for detail. They may also like to spend their time with pretty and exotic things, meaning the two of you could be the perfect fit.

Find Your Perfect Match Today

For single animal lovers, dating online can be a difficult task but with popular dating sites for animal lovers, you can find a match that understands what it's like to put your animal friends first. Zoosk is well-known for being a great site for dating animal lovers.

Plenty of Fish is also recommended as a highly ranked site that is popular with many animal lovers (and with a name like Plenty of Fish, how could an animal lover go wrong?). So don't be afraid to feature your animal friend prominently in your profile pictures. You never know when your perfect match may be looking for another animal lover online!

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