How to Make Your Online Profile Look Great!

Carmelia RayBy Carmelia Ray

Creating your online profile is a crucial step to become a successful online dater. I'm Carmelia Ray, online dating expert for here to share with you tips to make your profile look great.

Did you know a first impression is formed within 7 – 15 seconds of someone seeing your online profile? Your photo is instantly going to ATTRACT or TURN OFF your ideal person based on what they see. But let's NOT forget that a clever name with an alluring headline or catch phrase really works hand in hand to attract the most compatible people on the website.


Men for example are quite visual. Ideally your photo should do at least one of the following:

Wow, invite, excite, be funny, or make the type of person you’re looking for become curious and want to get to know you.

Here are some interesting facts to help you stand out in the world of online dating!

  • A photo - Profiles without one might as well not exist. Hardly ANYONE stops to explore a faceless profile.

  • A Great Smile - You increase your matching odds by 45% by simply smiling! And if you look sad or angry, that turns off 12% of your options.

  • No Group Shots - It's confusing and frustrating to potential matches to have to GUESS who you are and even worse, see you surrounded with other attractive people.

  • Candid Photos - These photos always look better than forced poses. You can actually get 2 times the amount of messages just by truly being yourself.

  • Get Up Close and Personal - Putting too much distance between you and the camera suggests you're hiding something. 23% of people reported not contacting someone because they couldn't easily see the photo.



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