6 Flirty Alternatives to Ashley Madison

Flirty Alternatives to Ashley Madison

With over 124 million visitors monthly and ranked in the top 20 of excitement sites, Ashley Madison reigned supreme in the online dating world for flirty dating. But, with its recent unwanted attention, it’s no longer an ideal option for most daters that are looking for fun.


So what then? Is the aspect of fun, mysterious, adventurous dating over? No! In fact, there are hundreds of sites that are far better than Ashley Madison, and we have only the best for you to try.

Want to get in on this juicy info? Check out the top 6 alternative dating sites for Ashley Madison.

1. Zoosk

Zoosk has made dating for people looking for fun easier than most sites. Sure, it started as a Facebook app, but since then, it has grown to over 40 million users and improved upon matchmaking system. It’s a great place to find singles eager for fun dating and fun encounters.

Zoosk works perfectly on your phone, so you can keep conversations and emails private. With ID verification available on four different fronts, it’s easy to find members who are trusted on Zoosk.

2. SingleParentMeet

Maybe you’re a single parent who needs a little ‘special’ time with someone? If so, you’ll want to check out SingleParentMeet. With over 1.2 million visitors per month, and thousands of members, you’re likely to find a single parent seeking the same as you—an exciting encounter.

Using the extensive Advanced Search on SingleParentMeet lets you find members with hundreds of different search parameters. You can choose to find parents with children, without children, if they’re local, and what they expect in a relationship. You’ll be surprised to know that some single parents don’t want a commitment and are interested in just having a good time. In fact, while most singles on SingleParentMeet have children, nearly half of the members are just single men and women seeking non-commitment dating.

find a flirty date on these 6 Ashley Madison alternatives

3. EliteSingles

Most mature dating almost sounds fishy and suspicious. But not EliteSingles. With thousands of mature members and an excellent matchmaking system, EliteSingles is the place for you. The matchmaking matches you to someone who would fit you best. It doesn’t mean you’re obligated to date the person forever.

Plus, it’s a great place to find people who are honest and friendly. For instance, the site doesn’t allow rude or scammy behavior. They also dislike immature and hateful members. With your help, they’ll ban such members and keep the site a safe place for fun dating.

4. match.com

An ever popular site and well-known name since the early 2000s. Match.com has gone beyond the expectations of many online encounters by giving you everything you need to enjoy your experience. From safety features to matchmaking solutions, you’ll find match.com to be a great asset for your flirty dating experience.

For local, fast meet ups, check out “Stir” events by match.com. These dating events take single members in droves to various places where you can mingle and hook up quick. Stir events is available in multiple locations across the U.S.

5. QuickFlirt

From local singles to worldwide singles, QuickFlirt is the flirty dater’s dream. Not only can you find people ready to date immediately, you’ll find millions of singles eager to hook up. With features such as massive flirtcasts, video chat, and member pics, you’ll be on your way to exciting dating in no time.

Keep your private dating life private with QuickFlirt’s privacy profiles. They don’t allow other members to know your identity on the site, and with all your information secret, no one else will know you’re on the site.

6. OurTime

Flirty dating isn’t only among the young. Older men and women want in on the fun dating scene, too. OurTime is the perfect site for older singles looking for love and fun. With over one million members, an active and helpful community, and with great features, OurTime is the perfect place for older singles to meet up for noncommittal encounters.

You’ll find out how simple OurTime makes it for users to find other members. Use your profile to attract singles interested in the same kind of dating like you, but improve your profile with video and audio greetings. And, with live chat features and unlimited email, there’s nothing to stop you from connecting with singles and finding enjoyable encounters.

You’re never limited to a single online dating site. But, if you want the best results, pick only one or two primary dating sites for flirty encounters. Having too many will make it difficult for you to keep them organized and updated.

Ready to get started with your fun dating adventure? Check out the top ten best online dating sites for you and get started today.


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