5 Awesome First Date Follow Up Tips

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By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

So you found someone on who appears to be everything you’re looking for in a potential partner. Your first date went well. What’s your next step?

It can be real dilemma deciding how to follow up after a first date.

If you felt that there was a good connection between you, should you call? If so, how long do you wait? You don’t want to appear too eager, but at the same time you don’t want them to think you’re not interested. Perhaps you should just wait for them to get in touch with you?

Conversely, what if you decide that despite their appealing Zoosk profile, the chemistry just wasn't there between you? How do you let them know?

To help make it easier for you to determine how to follow up, here are some dating tips after the first date.

1. Do I Make The Call?

Much depends on how you left it with your date. If you’re the one who said you’d call, then do so. There’s nothing to gain by playing games.

Alternatively, if they promised to call the next day, then give them a chance. Don’t worry if they don’t call first thing the next morning. They probably haven’t lost your number. They might just be trying to judge the best time to call too.

A great way to make initial contact – especially if you’re waiting for that call - is to send a text after the first date and thank them for a great time. To make your message more personal, refer to something you discussed on your date. It will keep the conversation going and hopefully prompt them to get in touch, leading to a second date.

However, if you haven’t yet received a reply, don’t keep sending messages. You don’t want to come off looking like a stalker!

2. How Long Should I Wait To Call?

Some articles that give dating tips after a first date advise following the etiquette of waiting two days. However, if you like the other person, there is no reason not to call the following day. It gives you enough time to weigh things up and decide whether you’d like to go out on a second date - without keeping the other person hanging on too long.

3. What If They Don't Call?

If a couple of days have passed and you still haven’t heard from them, then get in touch and know where you stand.

If you haven’t yet sent them a text send one now. Besides thanking them for the date, let them know that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Alternatively, just go right out and call them. Don’t go on the offensive asking the why they didn’t call. Just be honest and straight to the point. Tell them you enjoyed the date and would be interested to see them again.

Be prepared in advance that it could go either way, but at least you’ll know. So don’t be afraid to make that call.

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4. What Should I Talk About?

Keep things light. People like talking about themselves. So ask them a few opening questions to direct the conversation. Obviously, don’t make them too probing or personal.

If you had an interesting conversation on your date, you could continue that conversation with some new ideas and insights.

Also, have something interesting to reply if they ask you how your day is going. Initially, make it a condensed account or leave openings in your story. That way it gives them a chance to ask questions and help the conversation to flow.

One thing to avoid at all costs is to complain about your work, life, colleagues, or friends. Remember, they hardly know you and someone who has a negative outlook on life can appear off-putting.

5. How Do I Say No?

It’s never easy to reject another person and say no to the second date. But ultimately, they will appreciate you being open and straightforward with them. Explain that as much as you enjoyed meeting them, you didn’t feel there was any spark between you so aren’t interested in meeting up again.

Part on good terms and wish them well in finding what they are looking for. Then move on to look for your next date.

Now that you know the best ways for following up, get out there and on that first date! Sign up to Match today and find your ideal dating partner.


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