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If you're looking to succeed in online dating, this is a great place to start. From writing the perfect online profile to first date tips, we bring you all the latest online dating advice from our experts to help you truly get the best out of your dating experience. Our dating tips cover everything you need from joining sites, reading in-depth reviews of the best sites, and how to build a great online dating profile. Plus, we give you inside information about the best things to write on your profile to attract more people. If that’s not enough, we’ll also provide you with useful tips on how to handle the first date and what to do and say to keep the magic alive on the second date. You won’t be left hanging with our advice and online dating tips. 

Why You Should Look at Photos Last

/ By Laurel House

This is what you (and most other online daters) are doing wrong. You sign up for a dating site and begin to scan the online dating pictures of potential matches to try and decide who is worthy of a more in-depth examination. You click their photo and explore their profile. 

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Why Chemistry on a First Date Might Be a Bad Thing

/ By Laurel House

Your pulse starts to race, your face is flushed, your nerves stand on end and you feel, what you swear, is a magnetic pull to his lips from the moment you shake his hand, make eye contact, or even just from the second you see him. When you kiss him...

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3 Ways to Nail Dating as a Busy Career Woman

/ Top10BestDatingSites Staff

What happens when you have the successful career but no one to share it with? Here are three sure-fire ways to conquer finding love as successfully as you're handling your career.

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The Grammar Police Take Over Online Dating

/ Erika Ettin

In online dating, grammar matters more than you might think. It’s important to proofread what you write so people don’t dismiss you over one error when you might be a great fit.

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8 Ways to Make the Right Impression Over the Holidays

/ By Laurel House

Thousands of people meet their significant other’s parents over the holidays and guess what? Those same thousands survive the experience. Here are 8 ways to make the right impression and keep the meet and greet as stress free and fun as possible.

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Online Dating Your Way into 2017

/ Erika Ettin

It’s important to make resolutions; it’s also important to break them up in such a way that success is possible. In this article, we look at tangible steps for finding love in 2017.

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Online Dating Tips – Q&A

Have questions about online dating? Still unsure if it will work for you? We’ve got the answers you seek in our question and answer section of online dating. Our topics review the most important questions nearly all new daters ask.

Nervous or don’t know what to talk about on your first date? Don’t go into it blindly and check out our topic on the best questions to ask during your first date. There’s plenty of advice that will help you break the ice and make conversation come easier.

Online Dating Tips – Coaching

Because you might be new to online dating, it wouldn’t hurt to get a few pointers from our coaching section. Similar to a personal dating coach, we provide you with all the information you need to stay on top of your dating game.

One big topic we cover is talking about your ex. In fact, while most dating sources will tell you not to do it, sometimes it’s okay to talk about your ex. But, you’ll want to do it tactfully. If you reminisce about what you learned from the experience, it can make great conversation. If you remain bitter and jaded, well it’s not going to go over well.

Online Dating Tips – After First Date

Stuck on what to do next when the first date is over? Not to worry, we have suggestions for you so you can still score after the first date. One of the most important things is to keep the magic alive so that your partner doesn’t become bored.

Second, keep the conversation interesting. Don’t let it grow stale or begin to skim over important topics. We help you stay on track and how to keep things interesting for many dates to come.

Online dating is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and eventually fall in love. Never rush it and always use helpful resources, such as these, to make your online dating successful.

Online Dating Tips – Scams

Unsure what an online dating scam is? Unsure if you're getting scammed? We're here to help. Our page provides all of the information you need on how to spot and avoid a scammer.

Online Dating Tips – Statistics

Statistics sometimes helps up better inform ourselves before making decisions. That's exactly what our page does. If you're not quite sure you want to join a dating site, and want a bit more... quantifiable...information. We have it! Check out our online dating stats and decide if online dating is right for you. 

Online Dating Tips – Astrology

Online dating isn't as easy as it may seem. But knowing how astrology plays into the dating journey and finding a compatible partner can help. Our page provides tips, tricks, and information on just that.