Why Are Asian Dating Trends Reversing From the Norm?

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According to the Pew Research Center, in the past 30 years, the overall number of interracial daters has doubled. But for Asian-Americans the numbers of interracial dating has been in decline as more Asian-American daters seek Asian partners. Does this new Asian dating trend ring true to you?

Reversing Trends: The Reasons

What’s changed? First, immigration from Asian countries to the US is on the rise. Out of 18.2 million Asian people currently living in the United States, 60% were born in their home countries. Not to mention, that more and more Asian-American singles feel the need to explore their heritage. By dating someone from your own culture, you can both explore the customs and traditions of your families - cultural practices which may be difficult for others to understand.

Asian Dating Expectations

Asian families usually play a big role throughout the courtship. Their expectations and rituals maybe shocking for those unfamiliar with such traditions. For example, some such families may assume that even after one or two dates you will get engaged to be married. Also public displays of affection are considered a cultural taboo. So in truth, Asian-Americans may be facing the hardest dating obstical when it comes to their own families.

Opposing the Trend

Despite this growing dating trend, 28% of Asian-Americans still opt for interracial dating, the highest percentage among all racial groups. Japanese Americans have the highest percentage of interracial dating, while Vietnamese daters do tend to marry other Asians and have the lowest rate of interracial dating. It also seems that 36% of Asian women marry non-Asian men, while just 17% of Asian-American men marry non-Asian women.

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Finding Asian-American Partners

Where can you find your Asian soulmate? Asian dating sites, as well as the larger dating sites such as Zoosk have many potential Asian partners to choose from. Geographically, you will find the greatest number of Asian people in the western U.S. as well as in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Fremont, CA, Philadelphia and Seattle.

The Other Side of the Scope: Seeking Love Internationally

Asian-American men may also have an interest in meeting potential Asian brides based in an Asian country. These Asian women usually live in their native country and have signed up for a dating website to meet American men. Specialty sites like ForeignGirlfriend cater to these gentlemen looking for love abroad. Potential mates correspond and if all goes well, the relationship may escalate.

The pull to connect with one’s heritage is significant and will almost certainly develop with time. As you look to your future, it’s important to find someone who shares your beliefs and values, and who seeks to discover the rich and vibrant beauty of your diverse culture and grow along with you.

You too can find your Asian-American soulmate online! Check out Match.com - not only is it one of the safest and widest dating sites, it also has an entire section devoted just to Asian dating.

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