6 Online Dating Red Flags To Watch Out For

How to look for red flags during internet dating

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To successfully find your match via online dating, it’s advised to learn how to identify an online dating scam. You must conduct your search carefully, knowing how to look for and then avoid online dating red flags. The following 6 tips will ensure that you get the most out of your online dating experience, while still keeping safe and protected.

Six Red Flags during Internet Dating

1. Profiles Without Pictures.

Users without profile pictures usually have something to hide. Maybe they are married, in a committed relationship or don’t want you to know what they look like due to being scammers. Either way, it’s not worth finding out.

2. Profiles Without Much Information.

If someone won’t take the time to create a comprehensive profile with lots of details, then maybe they aren’t serious about finding a match.

3. Red Flags in a Woman’s dating Profile: Highly Sexualized Images and Messages

If a woman’s dating profile includes an extremely revealing picture of herself, and if her initial messages are highly sexualized in their tone and nature, there is a strong chance that this is an online scam in the works. Sexualized pictures and messages at the start of your connection are meant to lure you in and ultimately take advantage of you.

4. Trash Talking about Previous Relationships.

Everyone has had relationships, often not such great ones. But when someone speaks of their ex negatively you should steer clear. “My kid’s dad is a jerk!" is a red flag in a woman’s dating profile while “my last girlfriend cheated on me" is not something you want a guy telling you so early on.

5. Wanting to Meet Too Soon.

A warning should go up if the person you are speaking with avoids conversation and is pushing for a premature face-to-face meeting. Usually their intentions are not pure.

6. Bad Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Practicing Safe Online Dating – Choosing the Best Site

A web-security expert Himu Negam, has helped us understand how dangerous online dating can become if we don’t follow certain safety guidelines.

One of these guidelines is to make sure that the site you are visiting is a safe one. Popularity is usually a good indicator of which sites are aimed at keeping their visitors safe – generally speaking, the more users there are, the greater the chance that it’s a reputable site. Make sure to look at reviews of big and popular dating websites, and if possible, start with a trial to get a look and feel for the site before committing to sign up.

One popular site that takes safety seriously is eHarmony.com. eHarmony uses extensive security measures including SSL and 3DES technology to protect their users. They also screen members against public sex offender registries.

Once you find a reputable site, it’s time to create a profile. As with every step of the process, you’ll want to proceed carefully.

Three Tips For Creating a Safe Profile

  • Do not reveal any personal information about yourself right away (address, workplace, full name, telephone number) during early communications.
  • Use the website’s internal messaging system before using your own. As trust grows, you can move over to email and phone conversations until you decide to meet in person.
  • Choose your photos carefully. Provide only a headshot and be discreet about how you describe yourself (avoid using certain words that may trigger the wrong people to contact you)

Woman reads up on online dating red flags

Most of online dating scammers come from Africa. While many sites have taken safety measures to block registrations with IP addresses originating in Africa, sophisticated scammers are still finding ways to bypass this. So it’s important to keep an eye out for anyone who writes to you with extremely bad grammar and spelling mistakes, as this is the number one indicator of someone who has had limited access to English and, most likely, is not American.

Like many things, when practiced safely, online dating can be fun and rewarding; if pursued recklessly, however, the experience can be dangerous. Make sure you follow the above advice to avoid the common dating red flags and ensure that your online dating experience is as safe and fulfilling as possible.

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