9 Best Date Spots In Atlanta For Singles

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Want to find the best date spots in Atlanta? It can get a bit confusing, there are so many epic places to choose from. But roll up your sleeves and remember rule number one: choose the best place to take your date. Choosing the right date spot is the best way to prove to your date how well you are matched. So check out these venues for the best dates in Atlanta happen in these venues.



1. Go Old School with the Starlight Drive-In

Date spots in Atlanta at the Starlight Drive-In


If your date has a love affair with the date nights of the 60s and 70s, take her to the Starlight Drive-In. After dinner, simply go for a drive and end up in a parking space right in front of a movie screen. You and your date can watch the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your car. The Drive-In is situated on the outskirts, making it a perfect place to travel back in time with your date.

2. Enjoy the Wilder Side of Art in Krog Street Tunnel

Singles in Atlanta dating at the Krog Street Tunnel

If your date is the kind of artist who would smother a yawn if you took her to a classical art museum, detour to c instead. Every inch of the walls and pillars are covered in explosive graffiti art. Take a slow walk down the middle, and absorb the different messages of the art that layer and pile on one another with lives of their own. The variety is sure to thrill her soul.

3. Travel to Another Century and Continent in the Shakespeare Tavern

Singles in Atlanta at the Shakespeare Tavern


If your date is a hardcore theatre lover or simply loves to travel in time and space, take her to the charming Shakespeare Tavern. Put a twist on the “dinner and a movie" theme and give her dinner and a play! The rustic floor, box seats, and balcony can all accommodate food and drinks, so reserve a seat for two and enjoy Othello or Macbeth while you sample the Tavern menu.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your date would like something like this, quickly refresh yourself with their online dating profile with easy tools available on your smartphone. Zoosk has a great app that will let you pull up a profile and review your date’s interests in seconds.

4. Enjoy the Local Musical Talent at Grocery on Home

Date spots in Atlanta at Grocery On Home


Grocery on Home is the best kind of place to go for a light date. Pay an entrance fee for the both of you to support the singer-songwriters, and bring your own food and beer. You can stop and pick something up from a local store, or make the food preparation part of the date. If your date loves discovering new music and songs, this is the best date spot in Atlanta.

5. Go on a Food Trip at the Atlanta Food Truck Park

Singles in Atlanta at the Food Truck Park


Is it a food trip that you and your date want? The Atlanta Food Truck Park is the best place for singles in Atlanta to get to know each other. You can grab anything from barbecue to tacos, and make a slow round of all the food trucks to compare the tastes and experiences. There can be up to 15 different kinds of food trucks parked in the venue at any one time, so there is no possibility of getting restless.

6. Discover Atlantean History with the Unseen Underground Walking Tour

Date spots in Atlanta: Unseen Walking Tour


Urban Atlanta has a hundred mysteries in its history, and if your date is a history buff who actually likes archives and museums, she will love the Unseen Underground Walking Tour. It is two hours of trekking under, over, and around the old and forgotten railroads and paths that compose the skeleton upon which modern Atlanta became flesh. She is sure to remember that date.

7. Travel Under the Sea at The Aquarium

Singles in Atlanta dating at the Aquarium


If your date is an environmentalist or simply just loves the ocean and everything underneath it, take her to Cafe Aquaria for a meal before going through The Aquarium. She will love the deep blue surrounding you as you walk through and under the gigantic ocean-like aquariums. You can even take one of their sleepover options, and cuddle as near to under the sea as you can get.

8. Get In Touch With Nature through a Black Rock Mountain Hike

Singles in Atlanta dating at Black Rock Mountain

If you and your date are both outdoorsy and want a stroll away from the city, take her to Black Rock Mountain’s hiking trails. You can take it slow, talk about anything and everything while hiking along the mountain edges, or take long, cool breaks by the lakes and waterfalls along the path. There is no better way to get to know each other better than a long, long walk on the mountain.

9. Date with a Twist at the Hidden Bar at Muss & Turner’s


Actually, the bar is called Eleanore’s. For a casual dinner date, take her into Muss & Turner’s, then just keep walking past the main eating area and straight through the freezer door. She will love the world just beyond the freezer door - a hidden bar with a cozy atmosphere, the best place for a date getaway without leaving the city.

There is no shortage of places to choose for a perfect date in Atlanta, but these are definitely the 9 best date spots in Atlanta. Best of all, they are so rich that they can become regular date spots--there’s nothing better than creating memories around favorite dates. If you are afraid that you’ve got too many options, don’t be afraid to ask. Have a list of ideas to help with input, but use online dating sites’ great features like match.com’s chatting interface to easily communicate in preparation for a date.

Now that you know the hot spots for your perfect Atlanta date, find the online profile that matches you the best and get started today with ChristianMingle.

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