10 Creative First Date Hotspots For Dating In San Diego

By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

You could plan a simple first date centered around coffee or tea to play it safe, but go that route and you might be searching for conversation while getting caught up in an uncomfortable silence.

In America's Finest City of San Diego, the first date possibilities are endless though. With variety on your side, dating in San Diego does not have to be overwhelming or stressful, but rather a fun, laid-back way to get to know someone better right from the first time you meet.

So, where do singles in San Diego go? Try one of our creative first date San Diego hotspots.

1. Food Truck Tour at The Quartyards

Singles in San Diego dating at The Quartyards

San Diego's latest, large-scale multi-activity playground known as the Quartyard hosts a cool rotating lineup of food trucks each day throughout the week. If your Match date is a foodie with an adventurous spirit, the Quartyard is a key location to savor unique tastes and also catch a concert, comedian or explore traveling exhibitions.

2. Climb the Wall at Grotto

Singles in San Diego dating at Grotto

If your last few dates left little splendor to remember, take your date to new heights - literally, at the new bouldering gym Grotto. Perfect for adventurous singles, there are no ropes, so you’re "forced" to spot your date (and get an eyeful while you’re at it). There is a 30 minute intro class which includes shoe rental and a day pass so you can - dating in San Diego will never be the same for you again!

3. Get Classy and Learn About Cheese Together

Singles in San Diego dating at Venissimo

Take a cheese class with Venissimo cheese. If food culture is your thing, Venissimo's cheese making class will stimulate conversation while sipping wine and nibbling cheeses from around the world.

4. Put Your Heads Together At House of Hints

Dating in San Diego at the House of Hints

What better way to get to know your date after meeting on EliteSingles than to get locked in a room together and trying to solve puzzles together within an hour at House of Hints? Not only is this a perfect way to see how compatible you two are, it gives you a little peek into your date’s wit. There is no denying intelligence is sexy.

5. Become a Whiskey Aficionado In One Night

Singles in San Diego dating at Culture Shock

If you think your date can hold their own, invite them to a night of whiskey tasting at San Diego's famous Aero Club situated just outside the San Diego airport. Featuring over 900 whiskies on their shelf, you will have noteworthy tastes to discuss among yourselves and the bar's regular tipplers.

6. Go Dancing at Culture ShockDating in San Diego at the OB Skatepark

While everyone is around town in their ballroom or salsa dancing lessons, go for the unconventional at Culture Shock Dance Center. Located just outside of downtown, the dance studio specializes in partner dances that include a hip hop and multi-cultural vibe.

7. Drop in at the OB SkateparkSingles in San Diego dating at a Padre's game

Is your date super athletic? If so, get some air while chasing one another around the half pipes and bowls that is the Ocean Beach skateboarding park.

8. Catch a Padre's Baseball GameSingles in San Diego dating at Cafe Zucchero

San Diego Padres Facebook

If your date prefers to watch rather than participate in sports, take them to watch the great American pastime - baseball. Start your date with a fun walk around the stadium and head in just as they're throwing the first pitch.

9. Gelato With a StrollDating in San Diego at the Duck Foot Brewery

Have you ever met someone who doesn't like gelato? Introduce your date to a true Italian dessert, a brioche Italian ice cream sandwich at Cafe Zucchero. While you munch away on your extravagant treat, walk along India Street popping into the art and design galleries along the way.

10. Go Gluten-free Beer Tasting at Duck Foot Brewery

If you happen to be a beer connoisseur and a gluten-free enthusiast, Duck Foot Brewery is a perfect date night. One of San Diego's newest breweries, gluten-free never tasted so good!

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