The #1 Most Important Online Dating Profile Must

By Laurel House

It’s time to narrow the playing field! Yes, one of the benefits of online dating is that you are expanding your reach, and jumping into a huge pool of potential partners- some who may live on the other side of the world, and others who may literally live down the street.

However, the most essential, but often ignored strategy when it comes to online dating is ELIMINATION.

It’s the number one most important online dating profile tip and it is the first step of the pre-qualifying strategy that allows you to instantly and even unknowingly X out undesirable, red flag-covered, completely not your type guys and girls without having to do any work!

Before these totally wrong for you people reach out to you, what is your first line of defense? Your profile, right? Online dating profile tip: The way that you write your profile, the things that you say is your first opportunity to edit out the people who will, in the end, be a waste of your time since they aren’t right for you and never were from the very beginning.

You can try to narrow your reach within the basic details section: age, location, height, weight, smoker, etc

But many people actually ignore those preferences, plus it doesn’t address some of the more important particulars and personality types. So you need to take a proactive approach and actually turn off the wrong people, while simultaneously turning on the right people.

Lucky for you, the top dating sites today offer more than just the basic search options. The Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service offers potential matches based on each dater’s personal preferences, messaging and search habits. eHarmony presents each new dater with an extensive compatibility and profiling test in order to offer suggestions and search results chalk full of viable dating options. And they must be doing something right. After all, eHarmony is responsible for 2% of all marriages in the US.

So what do I mean?

Ok... Ladies first. If you say that you are a lover of “the finer things in life" and you “feel sexiest in a pair of Christian Dior stilettos, but can also rock a comfy James Perse white t-shirt and go out for a slice of pizza"

guys who appreciate, and likely guys who can afford $700 Christian Dior stilettos and know what James Perse t-shirts are, will find that a turn on. Men who, on the other hand, are turned off by a woman who likes nice expensive stuff will probably not contact you. And that’s a good thing. Because if you’re being honest with yourself, you want the guy who understands and maybe even can provide for your lifestyle preferences. Some guys are looking for their little princess.

Guys, if you are outdoorsy, love to go camping, can’t stand women in high heels because they seem too prissy, and must have a partner who can rough it on a regular basis without complaining that she wishes you would take her out to nicer places. Great! Say that! I mean

don’t say exactly that. Don’t be brash or rude. But paint a picture of what your life looks like, as well as a very brief description of her brush stroke personality traits. Online dating profile tip: Negativity is NEVER a good thing in your profile. Great online dating profiles don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. I don’t care how many times you’ve been burned. Express your interests and preferences in a positive light.

That said, if you have a sarcastic side, slip that in too! If you’re witty, pride yourself on your wisdom, your spirituality is a major component of who you are, or you are a total movie geek and can quote ever line in most 80s movies- say it!

Stop Looking For What You Want, and Get What You Need

Problem is, you might not truly know what it is you need, which is why you keep settling for what you want? Confused? Do some soul searching to figure out who you truly are at your core, what you stand for as a person, what you actually enjoy doing, what your dating purpose is, and what you really NEED as opposed to what you WANT. Because let me tell you- those are all essentials when it comes to authentically dating and attracting the right person to you.

Bottom line:

You are not here to please everyone. You are trying to please yourself first by weeding out the ones who might take issue with elements of who you and what your expectations are.

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