Taking It Offline: Initiating a First Date

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If you've watched our video on choosing on the best dating site and how to make your online profile look great, it's time to focus on taking those online skills...OFFLINE ! I'm Carmelia Ray, online dating expert with Top10BestDating sites here to give you insight on how to initiate a first date.

Women and Men:

The first thing you need to master is sending the right kind of FIRST message online. It should be catchy, interesting, engaging or funny. Understanding men and women's typical communication styles is crucial. Women are typically 80% emotional, 20% logical so messages that will make her FEEL good will lead to better first date success. GUYS are 60% emotional and 40% logical; messages need to feel good and make sense for him!

KEY Point: READ THE PROFILE! The initial back and forth banter you share with someone will make or break your chances to ask for a first date.

Message Length:

Message length is also an important factor. A message shorter than 3 sentences or 3 words is definitely OUT of the question! Use a short paragraph, so it's not too lengthy, and avoid sex talk in your initial message. There should be a courting process before you share emails and phone numbers. Save that for email 3 or 4! Giving out too much info and bragging about yourself is a turn off right away- and you could be taken as desperate, needy or a not serious.

Message Content:

Messages received should be read as unique, thoughtful and definitely not have that "copy/paste" feel. Initiating a first date is all about great communication and keeping your conversation focused on getting to know them and why you're so interested.

I'm Carmelia Ray, Founder of Carmeliaray.com. Be sure to visit our home page to check out which site has what you're looking for in order to initiate that first date.

Carmelia Ray

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