A Pisces Guide To The Most Compatible Zodiac Love Signs

Best compatible zodiac signs for dreamy PiscesBy Top10BestDatingSites Staff

Of all the zodiac love signs Pisces is possibly one of the most mysterious and complex.

You are an artist, a dreamer. You’re influenced by your surroundings, yet have a tendency to escape into your own world. You are devoted, intuitive and compassionate. Though, sometimes you can be oversensitive, indecisive and slightly lazy.

Romantic and imaginative, you need a partner who can relate to the different sides of your character. They must be sensitive towards you, yet able to be dominant and take the lead. In return, they’ll get empathy and warmth from you and a loving partner who is devoted and faithful to them.

These complexities emphasize the importance of understanding the different zodiac love signs and their meanings before looking for potential partners. More and more matchmakers are becoming aware of the significance and the added value that astrology contributes to their search for that special one. The fact of the matter is that there are some personalities a Pisces will naturally get along with better, while others will make for too unstable of a relationship.

So how do you find the right sign that suits you best or avoid the wrong one? Luckily, big and popular dating sites like Match give regular astrology advice to help their users find their match. And while it may not be exact science, many believe that is a great tool for explaining a person’s character traits and compatibility.

Aries – Aggressive yet generous (March 20-April 19)

The Aries strengths of generosity and optimism will resonate with you; and you'll admire their independence. However, they can get moody and short tempered which may leave you feeling rather hurt. You might find their aggressive nature too harsh to handle.

Taurus – Patient and reliable (April 20-May 20):

This is one of the zodiac love signs with which you share many similarities. They are dependable, loyal and extremely patient. So they'll wait for you while your thoughts are somewhere else. One thing to note: like you, they can be lazy. So when it comes to doing chores like housework, will either of you get things done?

Gemini – Sensitivity is not their strong side (May 21-June 20):

Potentially one of the least compatible zodiac signs for you. Those born under Gemini can be restless and distracted. Furthermore, you may find they are not sensitive enough to your needs. On the positive side, you'll be drawn to their imaginative personality and they are adaptable. So if the desire is there, perhaps you can both adapt enough to make it work?

Cancer - Empathetic and calm (June 21-July 22):

Caring and dependable, you'll instantly be attracted to this personality. You'll love their romantic nature, their sensuality and sensitivity towards you. They can get moody and easily hurt, but with your intuition, you'll know just how to comfort them.

Leo – In for the adventure (July 23-August 22):

You might find a Leo just too overwhelming. You’ll appreciate their generosity and encouragement, but think they are too confident. Their stubborn and pretentious streak may also be asymmetrical with your more dreamy and artistic side.

Pisces: most romantic of all the zodiac love signs

Virgo – Opposites Attract (August 23-September 22):

Although you have several opposite character traits, they have the potential to complement one another. Where they are analytical, you are imaginative. When you are indecisive, they can be precise. They may initially appear cold, but with your sensitivity, you'll soon be able to warm them up.

Libra – Ready to be dazzled (September 23-October 22):

They'll mesmerize you with their charm and grace - and you'll love their idealism. On the other hand, much like you, they can be indecisive. So will you both be able to make up your minds about whether you want to be together?

Scorpio – Potential Soulmates (October 23-November 21):

Passionate, loyal and resourceful, you'll naturally get on very well with a Scorpio. You'll also appreciate their leadership qualities. They do have a tendency to get jealous and obsessive. However, because you are of a similar nature, you'll know how to ease their fears. There is the potential for a successful relationship here.

Sagittarius – A true soloist (November 22-December 21):

You'll admire their independence and enjoy their sense of adventure. But on an emotional level it may be difficult for you to connect. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they are completely unemotional, which could lead to misunderstandings between you.

Capricorn - Intimacy takes time (December 22-January 19):

A responsible personality, they can act as an anchor to your dreamy side. You’ll discover that when dating a Capricorn, they'll be patient and loyal and take the lead when needed. Although they don't show their feelings easily, you might just be the right person to expose how emotional they are deep down.

Aquarius – A natural match (January 20-February 18):

This is potentially a meeting of mind and soul. Your artistic side will love their creativity and spontaneity. They are the kind of person you could sit and talk too for hours. Or take off with at a moment's notice for an adventure. Very independent, you'll probably be happy for them to take the initiative. Be aware, though, you'll need to use your intuition and devotion for the relationship to develop with this freedom-loving personality.

Are you now ready to find your soul mate? More often than not, zodiac signs are quite accurate in predicting a person’s character traits and can greatly contribute in your dating compatibility with other signs. Just visit a dating site that will offer the most compatible choices for you.

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