5 Conversation Starters to Avoid Those Awkward Silences on Your Second Date

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By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

Your first date went great! You haven’t stopped feeling those butterflies in your stomach and you can’t wait to meet again. But you are still worried, if the first date is all about first impressions, the second date is about getting more detail about just what makes your date tick. You’ve been there before, those moment where the conversation can flounder a little. You've already asked about their home life, education, work, friends and hobbies - so what's next? Time to turn on the charm with these 8 conversation starters below.

1. If You Could Choose Any Superpower, What Would You Choose And Why?

This is one of the best dating questions. What they answer can really reveal a lot about what they consider important and what matters the most to them. Do they want to become invisible and rob banks? Gain super speed and become a famous runner? Become super strong and fight crime? While you can't put too much weight on this, it might make you feel a little more comfortable that your date values charity over fame.

2. What's The Funniest Experience You've Had On Dating Sites So Far? 

Let's face it: whether you're on Zoosk, or PlentyOfFish, you've probably got a few hilarious and awkward stories; it's just a naturally byproduct of online dating. But most people don't want to bring up these horror stories out of the blue. Giving them permission to share these stories won't just let you bond over shared experiences, but it'll also give you a better picture of what they're looking for. 

3. What Is The Worst Thing You Did As A Child?

Barring incredibly unusual circumstances ("arson"), this question is fantastic because it gets your date taking about their childhood in a more detailed way. Everyone knows to ask where a person went to school or how close a person is to their family, but asking this question gives you a real picture of how they were as a child. (And if they were a complete brat -- watch out! That might be what you're in for down the line!) 

4. Does Ontogeny Recapitulate Phylogeny?

Don't over think this: you don't need to know the answer to this question to ask it (which is 'no, it doesn't') and you're certainly not seeking a legitimate answer. But when there's a conversational lull, this one can be a blast to whip out because no one understands it but most people have still encountered it in a Biology 101 course. A random non sequitur can be the perfect way to restart a conversation, as long as it's not overused!

Couple ask funny dating questions on a second date

5. Would You Rather Fight A Horse-sized Duck Or 100 Duck-sized Horses?

Although this question might sound ridiculous (and let’s face it, it is), it'll often turn into a rather enthusiastic conversation regarding the challenges of both miniature horses and immense ducks. The more involved the discussion about this gets, the better. You can learn a lot about how someone deals with discussion and debate by asking a truly ridiculous question.

A sense of humor doesn't have to be forced or rehearsed. The most important component to the questions above is their open-ended nature. You're just coming up with conversation topics and letting your date provide the answers. Don't rush from one question to another: take time and listen to their answers. You might be pleasantly surprised at where the conversation ends up!

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