After The First Date? Prepare For Your Second Date!

You went on a successful first date with someone you are actually interested in. Not sure what to do next? Check out our awesome expert tips for after the first date, dating relationships and fun ideas for the next dates to come. You’ve had a blast with online dating and your first date went smoothly. Now, do you know what to do after the first date? Some singles fail at dating relationships or being able to impress their partner enough on the second date. Don’t let this be you! You can succeed at relationships just as much as the next person. Find all the answers you need with our online dating resources to help you gain success after the first date.

6 Reasons for Radio Silence After Date #1

/ By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

You thought that you two had a wonderful time -- and then you waited. After a while, you realized that the call was never coming. Many women drive themselves crazy trying to figure out why men don't...

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Simple Tips to Make Your Second Date a Blast

/ By Nida Sea

You feel great! Your first date with the girl you met online couldn’t have gone any better. She was funny, smart, beautiful, just like you thought and you two simply had a great time. Sure, if done right, the first date is almost always fun ...

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Top Tips for Making the Post-First Date Call

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There’s a ton of great advice out there on how to act on a first date. But what happens next? Post-first date etiquette can be a real minefield, whether you’re excitedly checking your phone for an invite to...

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After the First Date – Using Astrology to your Benefit

Ever wonder if you two clicked because of your astrological signs? Sometimes single people come together better when their signs match. They find they have more in common, they can relate to each other better, and they know how to work with one another to make the relationship more fulfilling.

Our guides talk about astrological signs from several different perspectives. You’ll find information about the best zodiac love signs, how your horoscope can determine good and bad dating partners, and a complete zodiac guide to online successful online dating.

After the First Date – Dating Q&A

Maybe you have some specific questions about online dating or how to break the ice during your first date. We have the answers for you in our Dating Q&A section. Here, we’ve gathered the best dating questions most singles ask and compile them into questions and answers that help you along your dating quest.

Most people find that ice breakers are the best way to help them along during their first or even second date. We have an article covering the top 15 questions to use to break the ice. It makes conversation so much easier.

After the First Date – Online Dating Coaching

Need even more help? You’re going to love our online dating coaching section. This section contains tons of information covering everything from making a great online dating profile to moving into offline dating.

You’ll learn how to invest in love. Some people may feel like they shouldn’t have to pay for an online dating site, but we have reasons why you’ll want to pay. Want to talk about your ex? We have an article detailing just how to do that the right way. From all sorts of initial conversations to dating again later, our coaching guides are exactly what you need.

You can make it work from the second date and on. Don’t give up and our free resources are there to help you along the way.

After the First Date – Scams

Dating online can be a scary endeavor. But why make it any more difficult than it already might be for you? Educate yourself on how to avoid scams and scammers online while dating. If you have the knowledge, you'll be able to better protect yourself and fully enjoy online dating. Discover our expert information here. 

After the First Date – Statistics

Sometimes statistics can make you feel more comfortable when diving into something that is unfamiliar to you. That's why we've collected stats to prove that online dating does work, and thousands of people have successfully moved from dating online to marriage. These stats are a great jumping off point, but don't make your decision based on the math alone! Experience dating online for yourself. 

After the First Date – Tips 

Want a little help with your flirting and dating skills? Well, we have exactly what you're looking for. We give you the best ways to approach online dating, creating a profile, and making the first move. Not only that, but we continue our tips from online to off, in order to help you fully succeed in your dating.