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Browse the latest dating advice from our top experts. Here you can find the hottest tips and up-to-date dating stats, not to mention tons of professional advice on the do's and don'ts of building your online profile, awesome first date ideas, trending topics and much more. Getting into online dating is more than just picking any site and making a profile. You have to know what it takes to succeed by using quality dating advice. Sure, you can look up online dating advice from any website. But with real dating advice from experts and helpful guides, you won’t be steered in the wrong direction. From beginning to end, we help you on your way to online dating success.

Why Chemistry on a First Date Might Be a Bad Thing

/ By Laurel House

Your pulse starts to race, your face is flushed, your nerves stand on end and you feel, what you swear, is a magnetic pull to his lips from the moment you shake his hand, make eye contact, or even just from the second you see him. When you kiss him...

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8 Ways to Make the Right Impression Over the Holidays

/ By Laurel House

Thousands of people meet their significant other’s parents over the holidays and guess what? Those same thousands survive the experience. Here are 8 ways to make the right impression and keep the meet and greet as stress free and fun as possible.

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Avoiding Online Dating Scams

Do you know how to recognize online dating scams? Scammers can be tricky, but if you can tell the signs of an online scammer, you’ll have a better chance of dodging them. With our scam tips and advice, you’ll know when to recognize scams and how to avoid them. You’ll also enjoy online dating more when you know how to avoid being scammed.

Dating Trends, Facts & Stats

Statistics sometimes help us make a better decision—especially with online dating. The stats we’ve collected prove to you that online dating does work and thousands of people have gone onto dating in real life or eventually get married. But, statistics are just numbers, so don’t make your decision based on numbers alone. You have to experience online dating for yourself!

Online Dating Q&A

Have some questions that need some serious answers? You’ll find all the questions and answers you need on our Q&A page. We’ve got answers all about online dating, the first date, ice breaking questions and more. You’ll feel more confident with online dating after reading our Q&A.

Online Dating Tips

Want more information about dating and flirting? If you need online dating tips, we have exactly what you’re seeking. For instance, do you know the five best ways to begin with online dating? We’ve got an article explaining what you need. Not sure how to organize your dating life? There’s an article with simple steps to getting it right.

Dating Coaching Advice

Do you feel like you need detailed information about exactly what to do with special dating situations? With dating coaching, you can find out what you need to do in situations such as dating many women, investing in your love, a complete dating strategy, and improving your dating profile.

Dating Advice for After the First Date

Score that first date? Great! What do you do on the second date? Don’t know? No problem, we have the solutions you need. After the first date, you’ll want to find more ways to keep your date impressed while learning to get closer. Fun games and interesting conversation topics are the way to go so your relationship will continue to bloom.

Online dating doesn’t have to be frustrating and difficult. With in-depth guides and plenty of tips, you’ll be on your way to winning real dates in no time.

Dating Astrology Advice 

You might be surprised to know just how much astrology plays into the dating journey and finding compatibility. Think about it, if you don't have a clue whether or not you are compatible with someone, is that person worth your time? Lucky, we have some tips and advice to help you figure it out.

Local Dating Guides

Dating online and interacted with someone you feel like meeting offline? Great! In our local dating guides we will help you discover the local dating scene in your city so you'll know which pubs and restaurants to go to.

Our experts have done the legwork for you and discovered the hottest dating spots in your location. From California to New York City, we’ve found the best date locations in your area. So save the effort of trying to reinvent yourself every time and surprise your date with an unexpected location.